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Male Chastity, Orgasm Denial and Why I Love to Tease Men

by Sarah on May 28, 2010

I’ve often mentioned what I love about male chastity, orgasm denial and the whole idea of having John’s sexual pleasure firmly under my control.

Yet still it’s a fairly common question from men and women alike. Being into the lifestyle I still get something of a reality-shock when I bump up against people who are still very new to the whole idea let alone the practice. It’s mostly women who ask the questions, presumably because it’s mostly men who drive the lifestyle and aside from the general “he’ll become more loving and attentive, yadda yadda yadda”, they want to know the specifics.

I answer much of this in the free guide and am putting a lot more detail into the Ultimate Guide (unlike you men , it’s coming very soon…), but it’s a mellow and slow Friday and male chastity, orgasm denial, tantalising, titillating and teasing my male readers from time to time can be a lot of fun when I’m in the mood for it.

I’m not a Domme, but I do love being a teasing bitch at time. It’s times like this when I wouldn’t so much enjoy cuckolding John as I would having a man to play with so I could do all the things to him I wouldn’t even want to do to John (like caning his arse till it bled and treating him to permanent denial)

But that’s just whimsy and hormones speaking, so let’s get back to reality.

I love the expression of my feminine power. We women have been dealt something of a bum hand by nature and we’re naturally in second place to men. If we have equality it’s because of their brains, not their biology. They’re stronger, faster, more aggressive and a lot more powerful than we are.

We do have a secret weapon, though. And if we use it wisely we can squeeze a lot out of them. But we do have to be careful, because if we aren’t careful we can come to serious physical harm. Prick-teasing, which is perhaps what you might call male chastity, orgasm denial and selfish womanly sexuality in the vanilla world can get us a bad reputation, beaten, raped and even worse. So having it all wrapped up in our lifestyle – by request, no less – lets us enjoy it all in a safe and secure environment.

Interestingly, the kind of man who goes get physical with women when he can’t get his own way, is often an unintelligent and unimaginative creature with very low self-esteem – just the kind of man who’d be scared shitless by male chastity, orgasm denial and, at the other end of the scale, femdommery in the first place.

I love it that John attends to my physical needs and desires without me having to worry about him stopping too soon because he’s orgasmed and has lost the will to do anything but sleep.

I was stunned and amazed to discover that many, perhaps most, men and women don’t realise their orgasms are totally different.

A man’s orgasm is like a runaway train on a mountainside with a sudden and dramatic stop at the end; a woman’s is more like an eagle riding the thermals, soaring ever higher and higher on peaks of ecstasy.

And so male chastity, orgasm denial and a lot of trust (or a secure chastity belt) mean we can both get the best from each other and give the best to each other. Yes, you men don’t always see it quite that clearly at the time you’re begging us to let you take that last delicious spasming step, but trust me: it’s for your own good, and you’ll thank us for being strict and strong afterwards. You always do. And when we’re weak, you always tell us you wish we’d been stricter and stronger.

I love it that male chastity, orgasm denial, the constant dripping of John’s cock with the frequent and involuntary contractions of his prostate, and my knowledge this is because of me and his desire for me means there’s a permanent sexual frisson in the air.

He can’t keep his hands off me; he’ll grab me in the kitchen, slip his hands into my knickers and expertly bring me to a climax with his fingers almost before I know what’s happening. And I can accept this and know I’m not expected to return the favour. Yes, he’s permanently half-way to orgasm, but the pervasive sexual energy suffusing our entire relationship seems to mean I am, too.

I love it that I can ride his cock slowly and mercilessly and know he’ll be good for it for hours if I want him to be. OK, so John’s unusually fit for a man of his age, but even relative to how he was before we got into male chastity, orgasm denial and keeping his batteries charged it’s like that unstoppable first-night-fucking all over again every time with the added benefit it’s with someone I love rather than with someone I’m just attracted to.

And I love it that I can stop and leave him wanting without fear he’s going to get grumpy or resentful… meaning the next time we fuck, there will be the same mad, burning passion and desire.

Mmm… can you tell I’ve been looking forward to that Tollyboy belt arriving?

My God… the vision of the future leaves me breathless, wet, and quivering.

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