Male Chastity, Physics and Outliers

by Sarah on June 9, 2011

I know… it’s hard to think about Stephen Hawking and male chastity without thinking it’s all in pretty bad taste.

But it’s not.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

I actually have an important point to make.

Prof. Hawking has had Lou Gehrig’s disease for about 50 years. And, remarkably, he’s still alive.

But the thing is, he is the person who’s lived the longest with this disease — the vast majority die within a year or two. They didn’t just have to re-draw the graph to get him on it — they had to re-scale it.

Hawking is what’s called an outlier. He’s an extremely rare and almost vanishingly improbable exception to a solid rule: Lou Gherig’s kills you within 5 years.

So what does this have to do with male chastity?

Well… whenever I post anything even slightly contentious — say, about cuckolding being unsuitable for most couples showing an interest in male chastity, based on what they tell me — I can guarantee I’m going to get emails from one or two individuals who have experiences contrary to the general trend.

And because they’re at the centre of this, they (sometimes hotly) contend I must be wrong.

But I’m not. All they’re doing is assuming they are the norm. It’s just the same as someone who experiences any chance-in-a-million event and assuming it must be down to God, providence or fate.

Yes, I get similar emails from people claiming to have a personal relationship with some god or other because of unlikely coincidences they’ve experienced.

Yet in a country like the UK, one-in-a-million events happen to about 60 people a day. To them it’s extraordinary — to everyone else, it’s not. I mean, someone has to win the lottery — but it’s only remarkable when it happens to YOU.

Yes, cuckolding works for some people. But for most it probably won’t, for all the reasons I give in Be Careful What You Wish For and in my free guide while I’d never say don’t do it, because it’s entirely down to couples themselves to decide what’s right for them, I do say be careful.

You can ignore the risks to your emotions, relationship and health if you choose, but don’t pretend they aren’t there, because they are.

And despite what people seem to assume, I’m not against cuckolding, femdom or anything else like that — I have no real qualitative opinion on them whatsoever other than to say they’re not for me, personally. I don’t like marzipan, birdwatching, or horse-racing, either, but I’m hardly against them in some objective sense.

There are probably as many ways of “doing chastity” as there are people doing it. And they’re all the right way, so long as they suit the men and women involved. That’s the only measure.

My aim is to guide people along the paths I know from experience are the ones that tend to lead to a safe and sensible destination — which path you end up choosing and the means by which you choose to travel it are matters for you and your beloved only.

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