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Male Chastity: Should Any Woman Be Given So Much Sexual Power Over Her Man?

by Sarah on September 26, 2010

Does male chastity give a woman power over her man?

You bet it does.

Sure, it’s power by consent, but then in the absence of physical force isn’t all power obtained by consent rather than coercion?

Yes, there are probably some grey areas, especially where men (usually) coerce their women using financial dependency as a stave to beat them with, but these cases are comparatively and mercifully rare.


Male Chastity is Chastity By Consent!

The funny thing about power and control is the less overt it is, the lower down our levels of awareness it exists… the more powerful and insidious it is. Male chastity is no different.

Consider: in UK law, public nudity is not per se an offence. Meaning, in other words, it’s not illegal to walk around naked in public.

But how many people actually do it?

Very, very few.

There are all sorts of practical reasons they’d say they don’t want to, and they might be very good ones.

But look at the extent they’ll go to getting changed under a towel on the beach when it would be quicker and simpler just to bare all for a few seconds and slip into or out of your clothes.

In truth we humans are bound by the chains of approval – and the chains binding us the tightest are the ones we are unaware of.

And perhaps the strongest, thickest and yet least challenged of these chains is the chain of sexual taboo.

Many years ago a fellow was caught fucking a horse by the horse’s owner, a young woman. To cover up this odd behaviour, he tried to kill her to ensure her silence. Unfortunately for him she lived to tell the tale, he got caught, charged, tried, found guilty and locked up in clink.

And as he was led from the dock down to the cells to begin his sentence he yelled back into the court: “I have never made love to horse!”. He was more concerned about what people would think of his sexual proclivities than he was about what they’d think of his trying to strangle a young woman to protect (?!) his reputation.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Now with that in mind… is it any wonder so many men find it so hard to broach the subject of male chastity with their wives and girlfriends? Is it any wonder when they do broach it they do so in a clumsy, cack-handed way that leaves their women wondering… “Male chastity? Quite what the fuck is my man on about?”

This is why I spend so much time in Be Careful What You Wish For setting the foundations for male chastity.

male chastity

Is it any wonder couples who live the male chastity lifestyle are so… hesitant… to allow their predilections be known or discovered by others?

After all, Real Men like to orgasm, don’t they?


But then perhaps a real Real Man also considers his wife’s lot in life, too.

Perhaps a real Real Man sees no disgrace, harm or foul in wanting to improve his own relationship both in terms of physical and emotional intimacy.

Perhaps a real Real Man Will Embrace Male Chastity?

And not worry what others might think of him and judge him for.

I think people whose knee-jerk response to the idea of male chastity is it’s something “forced” on their men by harrying and hectoring insecure women who have “control issues” are missing the point. They, like many men can’t see beyond the device or the orgasm. To me an many others, male chastity is about intimacy, not chastity itself, just as weight-training is not really about lifting iron.

Bottom line: the “power” John cedes to me in male chastity, indeed the “power” any man cedes to any woman he asks to control his orgasms is as much about what he wants as it is about what she wants; indeed, more often than not, because it’s usually men who drive male chastity and not women… it’s actually a solution to a problem many women didn’t know they had.

In the same way a fish might not realise it’s living in water, because male chastity is most definitely not de rigeur when it comes to relationships, women (and men who’ve never experienced it) may well be totally unaware of the glorious, torturous ecstasy male chastity can often bring to a marriage.

So, yes to answer my own question: having this sexual “power” over John delights and pleases us both. Our sex-life wasn’t bad before, but then we’ve been together only 6 years or so. Another decade or two of normality, and it’s perhaps inevitable we’d be “comfortable” (read: boring).

Now though, there is next to no chance of that happening – because my “power” to grant or withhold his orgasms keeps him and me hot, horny and interested. It gives us both a good reason, out of necessity to seek constantly new and different ways of pleasing each other.

I can’t speak for others, and wouldn’t presume to even if I could… but for me, male chastity is the best thing in my marriage after my beloved John!

P.S. A quick shout-out to Thumper’s new male chastity forum – drop by and say “hello”. I get the feeling it’s going to be probably the best male chastity forum out there.

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