Male Chastity, A New Steel Chastity Belt and Poor Old John

by Sarah on June 9, 2010

And there he is, right now, locked in a Tollyboy steel chastity belt. Male chastity never looked so damned good.

I am, of course, referring to my beloved husband, John… love of my life, soul-mate and the smartest, toughest most fuckingamazingest man I ever met, dreamed of or considered possible even in my wildest and most improbable fantasies.

And he’s all mine. Better than that, not only is he all mine but he’s also given me a most wonderful gift – total, utter and unconditional control of his orgasm.

All this you already know.

And you already know we’ve tried several devices so far – the CB3000, the Stallion and even a Lori #12D. Yet while they all worked after a fashion (except the Stallion, which wouldn’t even make a decent paperweight because it’d keep falling over, I’m sure), nothing can compare to the Tollyboy.

I confess to being surprised, at least a little. The Lori is a beautiful piece of work and if it had worked out, we’d have looked no further. I really didn’t want John in a full steel chastity belt at first, and John wasn’t overly keen on the idea either – not least because a year or so ago he was a lot less lean than he is now and the thought of even a small roll of flab bulging out around the waistband appealed to neither of us.

It didn’t stop us enjoying male chastity, though, especially since various elements of both John’s character and mine combine perfectly to make the Honour system work very well for us.

Still, there’s no denying a secure device or a steel chastity belt or some other restraint does add a delicious edge to it all. And as we pondered this, John got back into his cycling and weight training and transformed his body in just a few months to the point where he has a six pack and lots of yummy muscles, meaning at least one of our objections to a belt disappeared.

Now the Tollyboy is here and I can see it on him, and it becomes possible now to enjoy the illusion of forced male chastity, I can finally say we’ve found it.

He’s had the belt on since early yesterday afternoon, including overnight. He took it off this morning to go cycling and work out (male chastity has to fit into real life, of course. He can cycle in it, but he’s not taking any chances with his usual long, hard daily slog or a heavy workout until he’s wearing the belt like it’s a part of him).

He has a couple of red and sore(ish) bits, but nothing drastic or dramatic, and he’ll be in it again later, I suspect. It does need some bending and adjusting but you expect that with any steel chastity belt. But so far as we can tell the fit is as good as we can expect bearing in mind we did the measurements ourselves and John deliberately under-estimated some of them because he knew he was losing weight and changing shape.

It’s not absolutely escape-proof, and given John’s shape and slimness I can’t see how any steel chastity belt of this kind of design would be. But that’s OK. In a month or two, we’ll perhaps take a trip to see Richard in person and get any adjustments made to the design.

However, escaping wouldn’t be a trivial matter – if you imagine it on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 would be no device at all and 10 would be something you have to use tools to get off without the key, we’re probably looking at about an 8½. That’s good enough for male chastity as we want it, I think.

If he wanted out that badly, I’d unlock him.

Last night it proved most effective and secure. Male chastity is always consensual, but something about having a man in a steel chastity belt just makes it so much more… well… just more, you know?

He was able to get mostly hard, but escape in that state would be nigh-on impossible (meaning the only time he could escape would be when he’s least motivated). I can still caress his perineum (it drives him insane and that’s how I’ve milked him in the past, and will do so going forward), and tease the end of his cock where it protrudes from the tube.

And that almost sent him bananas. I can but imagine how he’ll be when I do that after a few months of being locked in it.

Me? I came like a train, over and over again… I think I managed to chafe his ears with my heels ;-), and this morning my thighs and hips are aching.

Even just seeing him in a full steel chastity belt while he did that to me, knowing he couldn’t touch himself, couldn’t come, couldn’t go anywhere with his confined and raging hard-on without me unlocking him (or making some kind of super-human effort after a cold shower) was enough to take me over the edge time and time again.

This is what male chastity is all about. For us, at any rate.

The belt itself is of exceptional quality, much as I’d expect given the comments I’ve read about Richard. My only criticism is his customer-service is terrible in the sense he’s hard to get hold of and you have to chase, chase, chase. I don’t think he’s in the least dishonest or sly – just lazy, lol.

Anyway… that’s it for now.

More pics and reports as they come in ;-).

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