Male Chastity Stories By Popular Request. Well, Maybe. We'll See.

by Sarah on April 26, 2010

I’ve been asked (and by more than one person) to write some male chastity stories. No, really. And not just the kind detailing the juicy and prurient details about me and John.

Seriously – some readers want me to write fiction.


Now I have written fiction before, although I’ve never had it published. And there’s no doubt I can write, even though I say so myself (it’s what I do for a living). But I’ve never even attempted to write erotic fiction.

So, yes. Golly. I’m not sure I want to do that, even.

As I’ve remarked before, I’m tickled pink at how well the blog has been received in the main and it’s a delight to watch it take on a life of its own almost. At first I wondered how I’d ever have enough to write about, especially as the male chastity lifestyle is more “lifestyle” than “male chastity”, if you get my meaning.

But fiction? I don’t know.

On the one hand, I can’t help feel there are enough male chastity stories out there already, whether openly and honestly labelled as such, or masquerading as real life (as an aside, I was reading a thread on cuckolding on a forum I got to by way of Chastity Mansion. It was clearly bogus, but an interesting read, nonetheless. Which reminds me… one of these days I’ll write a post on how to tell when a post, thread or story is B.S. It’s not a foolproof science, of course, but there are some reasonably consistent attributes that characterise made-up shit).

But on the other hand… it sounds like it could be fun, and I know John has got a lot of ideas he’s offered to share with me in a not-very-subtle attempt to give me some ideas for real life shenanigans without being too overt about it.

And, they could also be useful.

After all, putting on my psychological hat for a moment, stories are very powerful and persuasive. And realistic male chastity stories, of a more erotic rather than extreme and unlikely nature, would undoubtedly be useful for some men who want to encourage their wives and girlfriends to explore the lifestyle with them. So I’m thinking erotica rather than porn (perhaps calling it erotica is just legitimising my mother’s daughter’s potential new endeavour in writing filth).

Another reason I suspect John is all for this is an article he remembers reading many years ago about a fellow whose girlfriend started writing erotic fiction, which turned her into a sex-crazed monster as she played out her fictional sex-sessions with him to make sure they were realistic.

No doubt John is hoping male chastity stories will have the same effect on me.

Hah. So transparent, than man of mine.

And I’m in just the mood to be mercilessly cruel – as I wrote in a private email today to a friend, I always get bolshy around this time of the month, and I’m as likely to promise him a six-month sentence as look at him… and if I say “six months” then by the Great Lord Harry, I mean six months ;-).

So… I suppose it’s worth giving it a go. No promises, mind, except the obvious: if I post male chastity stories that are fiction, I’ll post them as fiction.

Can’t say fairer than that, can I?

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