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Male Chastity Stories - My First Attempt at Male Chastity Fiction

by Sarah on August 31, 2012

Well, I’ve done it at last — I’ve finally got around to writing my first of many male  chastity stories. It’s called Stacy’s Game and it’s the first in a series which follows Stacy and Joe through the sometimes difficult and dangerous minefield of chastity and cuckolding.

Someone on the Amazon website has said in his review:

There was a steamy sex scene between a married woman and a man that she and (mostly) her husband picked up at a hotel bar, which was nicely built up to. The ending was a bit too much like a cautionary tale to be convincing or even acceptable to people in the chastity cuckold lifestyle. We understand that this is erotica and not a how-to manual, but “Oh God .… what have I done?” is a little off-putting even for a masturbatory aid. She promises her next book to be strictly about male chastity. Maybe she’ll be a little more in her depth.

It was also expensive for a “book” that took less than a hour to read.

Male chastity story cover

Stacy’s Game — Available at Amazon in the Kindle Store

And this is fair comment, because anyone who thinks cuckolding is a bit of harmless fun and does not have the potential to destroy your marriage is an idiot. I hope it would put someone off who was intent on diving in with both feet, and his or her eyes firmly shut.

Something else to bear in mind is it’s the first in a series. Joe has yet to find out exactly what he has done in opening this particular Pandora’s box. And the reason for the cuckolding theme is… that’s what was “top of consciousness” for me, for several reasons.

And finally… this isn’t aimed at people in the lifestyle so much as those who fantasise about it. Big difference, and when seen through that lens, perhaps a different message and experience for the reader.

As for the expense, that’s all in the eyes of the beholder. For fairly obvious reasons, not many people are willing to leave comments on erotica (especially this kind) under their real names, but the emails I’ve had have been universally positive. But fair’s fair, the reviewer is entitled to his opinion, and I’m not going to say he’s wrong about any of his observations.

To give it another perspective, though, the other reviewer said this:

Get ready for a ride. As Joe pursues his fantasy, as Sarah always says, “Be careful what you wish for”, my heart was pounding in my chest as I was reading. Thank You Ms Sarah!”

So the conclusion has to be… get it, read it, and judge for yourself. And Amazon do allow refunds, so I understand.

You can get Stacy’s Game from the US/worldwide store here:

And from the UK store here:

Feel free to leave your comments below. It’s rather more anonymous here, and I’m interested to know what people really think.

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