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Male Chastity Stories: True or False (How to Decide)

by Sarah on May 25, 2010

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, about male chastity stories and how to tell when they’re bogus.

Most people seem to agree most of the stuff finding its way onto the Internet is little more than fanciful make-believe, but often it’s hard to put your finger on exactly why you think it’s so.

Of course, there’s no law against making shit like this up and posting it, and there’s no law against passing off chastity stories as fact; (I’m in the middle of writing some chastity stories of my own, but they’ll be clearly identified as fiction)

And there’s no law against calling “bullshit” on it and exposing these chastity stories for what they are; moreover, I think there’s much benefit in doing so, because these chastity stories do nothing to help, and perhaps much to harm couples seeking sane, factual and realistic information about the lifestyle.

Before we really get into it, I want to stress identifying male chastity stories as fact or fiction isn’t a science or a precise discipline like mathematics. And usually there’s no one conclusive element that makes these chastity stories fall apart. It’s more like the theory of evolution where there accumulates a weight of evidence, lots of little signposts all pointing the same way. And I know the  tellers of these chastity stories often stick to their claims of truth, and there’s no way to prove them wrong.

But we don’t have to: if they’re the ones making the claim and telling the chastity stories, it’s up to them to furnish the evidence to support their claims. And they never seem to. Most often they either disappear quietly or resort to name calling and emotional arguments like “why are you being so mean?”.

Well, whether you’re being mean or not is irrelevant in respect of the truth of their claims. Their male chastity stories are either true or they’re not true, and your motivation for questioning the truth of them has nothing to do with the facts of the matter.

Some Simple Ways to Decide if Chastity Stories are True or Not

Inconsistency in Chastity Stories

The first indicator of untrue chastity stories is inconsistency. This is one of the few (and perhaps the only) rock-solid indicators of untruth in chastity stories I think you can take as being definitive proof all by itself. The interesting thing about real-life chastity stories is our memory is rarely perfect and we make all sorts of mistakes and contradictions, but we don’t tend to be inconsistent. So, we might forget what day something happened on or what order things occurred in, but we tend not to forget whether we’re wearing a chastity belt or a CB3000.

A real-life example was some prick posting chastity stories on a forum a year or two ago, back when John and I were still very new to all this. The claim in his chastity stories was he’d been locked up on his wedding day eighteen years before and hadn’t been out since for orgasm, cleaning or even inspection. This is clearly one of those male chastity stories where the teller is talking out of his arse – the whole thing is just so unlikely, but on the face of it there’s nothing you can point to and say “impossible!”.

He then went on to say his wife had several children by different men and how his life was deliriously happy. No harm in this, you might say, but he was giving advice to some very young and impressionable men who were looking for information. Chastity stories can do real harm.

But his undoing was in another one of his chastity stories where he answered a new question in almost identical fashion to the first, but this time claimed he had been locked up for only fifteen years. I suggest not only do you not forget how long you’ve been married by that many years but you also don’t make such a huge mistake in how long it’s been since your cock and balls have been locked in a steel cage. If you’re going to lie, make your male chastity stories consistent lest you make yourself look a complete prick.

Unsurprisingly, when he was called on his bullshit chastity stories, he vanished into silence. Liar.

A, then B, then C

If you read a lot of male chastity stories you begin to get a feel for a certain formula, or “script” as Tom Allen calls it. And while you might expect this since we’re talking about the same subject and form tends to follow function, the formula of these chastity stories is so unvarying and poorly expressed it stinks of untruth.

Common variations of chastity stories are:

I finally broke down and admitted to my wife I wanted to be her slave and to my surprise she accepted… that was 957 years ago and I have been locked up since that first day”. Puh-lease… it’s almost inconceivable Mrs Smith is happily going about her normal daily life and agrees to a total and complete change in her entire relationship simply because Mr Smith blurts out his desire to be a slave.

You could argue these are just synopses of true male chastity stories, but I’ll come back to why if that’s true, it’s actually another indicator of a lie all by itself.

My wife makes me do this and I have no choice”, where “this” is anything from wearing the device, to letting her fuck other men, to being humiliated in front of friends and neighbours, etc. Regardless of the “detail”, the formula of these chastity stories is identical. It’s bullshit – and not just for the reasons we’ve already done to death talking about the chastity stories about “enforced” chastity.

My wife says she’ll leave me/divorce me/kill my dog/expose me to my friends, neighbours and colleagues if I don’t do as I’m told”. Yeah, right. Can you imagine how unlikely this all is, that a woman is going to be blackmailing her husband? If he didn’t actually enjoy this treatment (assuming he’s actually getting it), what’s to stop him from just taking the belt off and refusing to pose for pictures or whatever? Nothing. They’re just bullshit chastity stories.

I actually get male chastity stories based on all these themes, their variations and combinations emailed to me from sad fuckers asking for “help”.

They write about things and events, not people and feelings

Another indicator of untrue chastity stories is when they write about things rather than people, and events rather than feelings. This obviously isn’t foolproof because not only are we all different in personality, but we all write and express ourselves differently, too.

But you’ll notice when men are relating their misery-filled male chastity stories, they’ll wax lyrical about the clothes their lady wears, the equipment, the device, and what people do to them; and, if they’re writing about their wife’s lover, they always seem to focus on his cock (and their own, too).

What they don’t do in these chastity stories is write about feelings, and the human side of things.


Because imagining things is an easy process of visualisation; imagining emotions without actually feeling them is exceedingly difficult if not actually impossible. And the trouble is for these lying fuckwits, the only emotions they’re feeling are the ones tied up with their own perceptions of the chastity stories– and they typically involve being the sad little subby, the one to whom things are done .

Emotions are clichés

When they do write about their emotions in these male chastity stories, they’re typically like something out of a children’s storybook.  All the “big” emotions are there, like anger, fear, love and shame, but the subtle nuances which characterise real adult human behaviour are missing.


Well, they don’t appear in the chastity stories because they are not real and the writer isn’t actually feeling them. He’s writing chastity stories from the outside looking in, seeing it as a scene rather than playing a role.

Details are too neat

To go back to what I was saying about these male chastity stories being synopses, the details are usually missing and the detail that is included is always the kind of thing they’d want in their fantasy. This is related to the point above, where they write in their chastity stories about things and events not people and feelings.

In real chastity stories we tend to remember dwell on the most inconsequential details yet forget even important ones. This is normal human behaviour. When we then relate these chastity stories, we’ll come out with things like, “It was Tuesday, the day it rained all day… no… hang on… could have been Wednesday because I was wearing my blue top and I always do my ironing on Tuesday night… but… I think John did some ironing… oh, I don’t know, but the point is…”.

But when we’re lying we know we mustn’t contradict ourselves and so go out of our way not to be unsure or wrong about anything in the mistaken belief that a mistake of a non-contradictory nature immediately signals true male chastity stories as untrue ones.

Telling untrue chastity stories is much harder than telling true ones, because the truth must hang together and must be consistent because it’s actually what happened.

Remember “Maria’s Story”? I had that pegged as fantasy right from the beginning because it was just too neat. No one actually speaks like that, no one remembers dialogue in such exquisite detail.

To me it stuck out immediately as fiction. Very well written and entertaining fiction, to be sure, but fiction all the same.

Everything is larger than life

As with all fiction, fictional male chastity stories are written to entertain (and in this case titillate the writer, too, I suspect).

So everything is larger than life – the “Bull’s” cock is always the hugest the poor cuckold has ever seen; he can always fuck harder, longer and faster and ejaculate much more copious amounts of semen than your average human; his wife is always beautiful and has frequently bloomed because of his male chastity and has never looked so good in all their time together; his device always fits perfectly first time; his wife goes from prudish mouse to rampant whore-bitch fuck-vixen in a couple of microseconds and demands months and months of orgasm denial from the outset; and in these chastity stories real-life  seems to be suspended in some kind of orgiastic limbo.

Emotional reaction to doubt

When you question details about these male chastity stories, even if you do it innocently, the reaction is often anger and hostility, and it’s directed at you rather than at the question. So if you question an inconsistency in chastity stories, you personally become the target rather than the detail itself.

chastity stories

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Curiously, liars tend to get more upset about being called liars than do honest people.

If they react emotionally at all, someone telling the truth tends to become indignant rather than angry, and sometimes (usually us women), upset and frustrated (rather than ashamed). You can’t climb into someone’s head and tell them what they’re feeling, but we’ve evolved pretty reliable ways of instinctively detecting signs of powerful and potentially dangerous emotions in others.

Often a liar will react with a hostile, “I don’t care if you believe me or not”, but will then go on and on trying to convince you of the truth; someone telling the truth might do the first although typically with less hostility, but won’t often do the second.

To sum up

As I’ve said, none of this is precise and other than glaring inconsistencies there’s rarely one conclusive reason for us to conclude which male chastity stories are true and which ones are false.

But the evidence tends to stack up and we get a feeling for whether chastity stories are true or not. Unconsciously we’re using these mental scorecards all the time, or so research seems to indicate.

And, for the hard of thinking and reading, I’m not claiming to be omniscient or the final arbiter of truth, and I’m sure you can think of situations and times which contradict what I’ve said.

And you’re right. Like I said, determining the truth of chastity stories is not a hard science and someone who tends to write about things rather than people isn’t automatically a pathological liar because of it.

But when you’re reading these male chastity stories and wondering if they’re true or not, and you’ve got this uncomfortable nagging suspicion they’re a crock of shit, it’s worth looking at them in the light of what I’ve said above.

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