Male Chastity Stories - Hot, Horny and Fun!

by Sarah on May 2, 2010

When it comes to male chastity stories – the so called “real life ones” not the fictional male chastity stories — one thing I find time and time again that’s at best woefully lacking and in fact almost always entirely missing both on the part of the writer and the readers of these male chastity stories who go on to comment on them is… critical thinking.

Now, critical thinking isn’t natural for humans and the ability to do it is not necessary related to someone’s intelligence. Critical thinking is actually a skill and like any skill it can be learned.

The reason it doesn’t come naturally to us is our brains have evolved over millions of years to maximise our chances of survival. Let’s look at a common example: paradolia, the curious phenomenon where we see aardvarks in clouds, patterns where there are none, and Jesus in a piece of toast. The reason this is so common is our brains are fantastic at seeing patterns, even then they aren’t there.

And it’s easy to see how this might evolve: mistake a curious shape in the grass for a tiger, and there’s no harm done; fail to recognise the shape when it is a tiger means you get eaten and don’t pass on your genes.

So What Does This Have to Do with Male Chastity Stories?

Patience. Bear with me.

See, while we’re an incredibly smart species and capable of great works of logic, our senses and perception are very easily fooled. Scientists know this, which is why they have the peer review process – they are fully aware their own biases and beliefs make them prone to errors in thinking and logic. Fact is, we see what we want to see. We home in on “evidence” supporting the desires, beliefs and conclusions we’ve already formed and disregard anything else — in other words, it’s confirmation bias.

And the lengths people will go to in their efforts to make the evidence fit these pre-formed beliefs is amazing. They’ll rationalise practically anything away.

Now, when it comes to male chastity stories people want them to be true. Remember that “Queen” of male chastity stories, Maria’s Diary, some time back? I read recently this was one of the popular male chastity stories exposed as the hoax I always believed it to be; yet still people defend their belief in this and other  male chastity stories with uncommon and aggressive zeal.

As I’ve mentioned before and I fully intend to write a post on this, there are some simple ways to judge if male chastity stories are bogus or not. They’re not foolproof and there’s no One Big Thing that reveals the lie in many male chastity stories, but it’s a case of lots of little signposts all pointing the same direction. Get enough of them and Occam’s Razor starts to cut deeply into the professed truth of these male chastity stories.


Let’s Take Some Simple and Very General Examples of Male Chastity Stories

Example Male Chastity Stories #1: “I confessed my desire to submit to my wife one day and to my surprise she accepted, and within a week she had me locked away and I’ve been her slave ever since”. Yes, I have actually seen it written quite this baldly and simply in male chastity stories. Now, never mind it reads like a child’s story (“One day Timmy and me made a rocket and flew to the moon. While we were there, we met an alien…”. You get the picture), but just how likely is it that an unsuspecting woman and wife would consent to a fundamental change in her entire relationship with her husband just like that? No research, no discussion, no preparation… just instant acceptance and diving in deep. Bullshit. But as male chastity stories go, this is very common.

Example Male Chastity Stories #2:She locked the device on me, and it hasn’t been off since. That was 133 years ago”. OK, I’m exaggerating the time span, but only a little because you’ll see male chastity stories like this all over the place; and let’s remember the device is usually locked on and kept on against his will. So, what’s wrong with male chastity stories like this? Oh, nothing except for the fact it’d be almost impossible to get a device to fit exactly right the first time. Truth is, he’d be chaffed, sore, ulcerous and be screaming in agony from terminal knob-rot, most likely. I won’t even mention the nonsense of non-consent (OK, I just did. Sue me).

Example Male Chastity Stories #3:I used to look at porn all the time and masturbate 20 times a day. Now I’m locked, I can’t”. Well, yes, a device or belt will probably stop you masturbating, but most men I’ve asked tell me (and I have asked them because the truth is important to me) they actually look at more porn because their desire and sensitivity to sexual allure of women is intensified and enhanced. Besides, being locked in a chastity belt doesn’t prevent your eyes and Internet connection from working.

Just three examples of how it’s reasonable to doubt many of the male chastity stories passed off as true accounts of these poor sissies’ hellish lifestyles.

It’s not always the men who tell these silly male chastity stories, of course. There are the male chastity stories from alleged “professional Mistresses” who claim to help couples incorporate male chastity into their lives. Seems perfectly reasonable doesn’t it?


I’m curious to know how many women would actually seek that kind of advice from a “professional mistress”, or react favourably to her husband’s revelation that he’d been seeing one on the quiet and now thinks “it’d be a good idea for you to come along and talk to this woman I’ve being paying for sexually orientated personal services, because she’s got some great ideas of how to improve our sex life”.

We can never prove these male chastity stories are untrue, of course.

But it does behoove us to stop for a moment and examine the likelihood of these male chastity stories being true through a logical and dispassionate lens, with the intent of getting a view of the matter unencumbered by our emotional need and desire for the male chastity stories to be true.

You can argue it doesn’t matter, lying in male chastity stories. And I suppose in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t.

But the truth does matter to me; not only that, but it matters, in the sense it has the potential to affect their lives, whether they know it or not, to the many thousands of men and women out there who are seeking factual, informative and truthful information on the lifestyle, with the ultimate aim of making a few hot male chastity stories of their own.

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