A Male Chastity Story to Top Them All (Clue: His Belt is Coming!)

by Sarah on April 28, 2010

Oh. My. Fucking. God.

Of any male chastity story I could have told, this has to beat them all and show quite convincingly that

  1. Not only is truth stranger than fiction; but also
  2. We atheists are wrong and there actually is a God.

Because after last night’s post we were both as horny as celibate mountain goats, and John got exactly what I promised him. Although all things considered, it’s no real surprise. As I’m sure those of you who actually practice male chastity already know, winding him up by whispering in his ear can be even more effective than actually touching him.

Anyway, today started slow and mellow, as you’d expect and winding up to get any work done at all was hard. I did a bit on the blog and the Guide, had a nap this afternoon, while John popped into the garage-gym for a workout (such a yummy bod that delicious denied man of mine has) and he brought me a cuppa when he’d done and went in for his shower (no, this isn’t going to turn into that kind of male chastity story).

Then he went downstairs (I told you), sat down to do some work, opened up his email… and… screamed…SARAH!”.

It wasn’t an alarmed scream or a scream of pain or passion, but rather an excited scream.

And what was so exciting?

An email from Richard of Tollyboy. Four beautiful words right at the beginning: “Your belt is finished”.

I sneaked a sidelong look at his face as I read the email. Maybe I’m just projecting or seeing what I want or expect to see and experiencing good old confirmation bias, but I’d swear he looked just a tad nervous. I think some of the comments and my musings have got him worried.

But, never mind that… it’s coming! We have to pay the man, and I guess that’ll take a day or two to find its way from one bank to the other… then another few days for it to arrive.

So that’s what?

The middle of next week? Then John’s male chastity story can perhaps begin in earnest…

Oh my, oh my, oh my. I’m so excited. Of course, next week I should be right on my period, so it’s perfect timing. No distractions for him starting to get used to wearing it.

I have so many ideas and plans and things I want to play with. So many ways to tease and torture and delight him.

I don’t think I’ll last the week. Oh… now I’m worried we’ve made a mistake with the measurements. We had it made slightly tight as an extra incentive for John to lose the last couple of pound he wanted to shift. If it’s tight, he’ll have to diet like crazy.

This couldn’t have happened on a better day – I feel like such an evil powerful bitch today. I feel like making this a male chastity story to scare men to death with. It’ll pass, I know – usually when I get to this peak, it’s only 36 to 48 hours from where it starts to tail off over the next week.

I hate being impatient. I want it now, now, now! And I’m horny again.

I’m rambling, I know. But I don’t care! It’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming! John’s not, John’s not, John’s not!

Whooooooooo! You wanted a male chastity story now you’ve got one coming! How does it go? “John should be careful what the readers wish for”, 😉

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