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John's Male Chastity Update

by Sarah on June 17, 2010

So… John, male chastity and how he’s getting on with his new tollyboy belt.

Well, the short answer is “very well, thank you!”. The long answer… is what you’re reading now ;-).

We’ve had the belt for ten days now, including today, and John has been locked up for 6 of them. He was a bit gung-ho at the beginning and developed some interesting bruises across his bony hips. Just one of the consequences of being a lean, mean sex-machine, it means he doesn’t have much padding – everything comes at a price, I suppose.

It comes off every day for a couple of hours while he goes out on his bike for his daily 17-mile marathon through the local countryside. He’s done some short distances with the belt on, but I don’t think 17, hot, sweaty and strenuous miles are going to do wonders for the physical integrity of his genitals so this is a knotty problem we need to overcome if I’m going to keep him locked for the full year I’ve decided keep him in orgasm denial.

Mr Tom pointed us to a nifty high-tech saddle, so the situation looks far from hopeless.

Other than that, on the male chastity front I can safely say getting this belt was the best thing we’ve done to date. It looks superb on him and is fairly secure although as I said before it’s not 100% even without his having to use tools, either. Still the chances of an “accidental popout”, something which happened with the CB3000 and the Lori (as in testicles popping through the ring on a couple of occasions) look to be as close to zero as it’s possible to get.

A slight digression, since quite a few people ask about it: the Lori we have is a #12D, and had an 8ga PA. The problem we had with it was solely John’s reaction – oedema.

I cannot fault the craftsmanship or the build quality, and Lori’s attitude and service were both exemplary at all stages. A couple of people have carped at me about her and their own experiences, but I’m afraid I can’t join you because I can’t fault her at all. Sorry.

As a male chastity device the #12D is excellent except John can’t wear it but not because of any fault with the device.

Where was I?

Oh yes. John. The lovely steel chastity belt. Male chastity. Yum.

Since he’s had it there has been a definite sexual frisson whenever we encounter one another as we go through the days (we see a lot of each other since we both work from home, even though we have separate offices). We can’t pass one another without a long, sensuous kiss and a grope… I love pressing myself against him and feeling the hard, unyielding metal beneath his clothes (and ladies… I unequivocally confirm it is not only possible but easy and deliciously spine-crackingly hot to bring oneself to orgasm doing this… any time, any place, anywhere, as the old ad used to chime. And it’d be worth doing anyway, just for the effect it has on John when I do…).

Night-times have been… well, let’s just say amaaaazing. There’s no doubt there’s definitely something to be said for having John in a full steel belt, even though it is in practical terms less secure than the Lori was.

Mr Himself reports the belt is comfortable even with the hardest and most prolonged of hardons, a marked contrast to the Lori and even the CB3000 which were uncomfortable (some women think this is a good thing in a male chastity device; I personally don’t).

To answer a few of you… I’ve been trying to get John to pose for photographs, but so far he’s been reluctant for one reason or another. I’m sure he will, but right now he’s extremely busy with work and, I suspect, wants to look even more Adonis-like than he already does before he lets me near him and the Tollyboy with a camera. To him, male chastity is as much aesthetic as it is emotional and physical, I’m sure.

At least one person has opined that John is “shy”, but that’s just so funny it’s beyond the pale. John has his own reasons, some of which he’s shared with me, and others he hasn’t. It’s his business, after all. It’s more a case of John does what John wants and feels much less pressurised and constrained by other people’s wants and demands than most of us do.

And those who reckon I should “force” John to pose for photographs, well… I’m sure you can figure it out for yourself if you invest a little time reading my other posts.

Having his male chastity “forced” by a steel chastity belt means his ardour has increased dramatically, as has his kinkiness, the dirty sod, lol. The night before last he treated me to quite the most deliciously erotic cuckold fantasy, whispered hotly in my ear as I rode the endless waves of some of the most intense and deeply satisfying orgasms I’ve ever experienced.

It’ll never happen, before you all start dribbling in your pants and messaging me your “offers of assistance”, but there’s no denying it was a very hot fantasy (sometimes I wish I were less emotionally connected to my lovemaking so I could do this, just once, for him. Instead, I’ll write it as a story, so at least I can share the pleasure that way).

So… on the whole this latest chapter in his male chastity is turning out very well indeed. One or two minor issues to solve, but nothing insurmountable. I simply can’t wait for him to hand those keys over, though.

My, is he in for a shock then… mmmm… mm… mmmm… 😉

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