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Male Chastity - Why Won't My Man Play?

by Sarah on February 17, 2011

A rather belated thanks for all the Valentine’s wishes from readers of the make chastity blog at the start of the week. I have to report John bought me a lovely soppy card (yes, and got one back, too), and we had a lovely romantic evening with chocolate, wine and ice-cream, too.

But don’t fret… he remained locked for the duration. 😉

Male Chastity is for Life, Not Just for Christmas

Well, you know what I mean, I’m sure.

Anyway, his year of orgasm denial, even though it’s just begun has started well, and as you can gather from the his recent review the Lori #2C suits him perfectly — and to answer a common question, yes it’s possible to urinate standing up, but it’s a challenge and very funny to watch. You probably wouldn’t want to do it at a communal urinal.

Now, I got a really interesting and very unusual question today from C.B. (I am not making those initials up, I promise), who asked about male chastity and why didn’t her man want to play:

Happy Valentines to you too… it sounds like you were deservedly spoiled rotten. I am STRUGGLING with my man. I have had him in the device for a few minutes, ONCE. But sadly thats it! This is my fantasy which I dont think he shares. He complained that it was too tight.…. but excuses excuses! I wish I had a more willing participant who wanted to be in chastity. This is so frustrating, any ideas ?” C.B.

Well, it’s entirely possible he doesn’t share your fantasy (not all men do, regardless of the nonsense people like Elise Sutton spout), and you are just experiencing the same problem most of the men seem to experience: getting their partner interested.

You don’t say which device you have, and it may indeed have been too tight — many men will tell you, becoming aroused in a male chastity device can be extremely painful, especially at first.

But that aside, you hit the nail on the head…

Male Chastity is Your Fantasy.

The question is, why should he indulge you in it? In other words, what’s in it for him?

male chastity girl

Most men would beg for male chastity, pleading with her not to be allowed to come… ever…

It’s all well and good telling him how great male chastity going to be, but my guess is most men who don’t have this fantasy themselves probably think it’s insane (just as many women do).

So the first thing is you’ve got to have him wanting to do it, and to do that you need to show — not just tell, but show him the benefits he’s going to experience from being locked up and denied.  The pleasure of male chastity is counterintuitive.

Perhaps you could start of gently with a night’s lovemaking where you don’t let him come until the next morning, as I describe in Be Careful What You Wish For, and then slowly extend the practice a bit at a time, taking care at each step to make sure he’s getting some genuine benefit from it.

It’s quite ironic, really, because I can guarantee there will be (literally) thousands of men reading this who will be aching to meet you, lol.

Ultimately, though, however you do it, you’ve got to sell the idea to your partner in a way that clearly shows the benefits they’re going to experience, and this is true no matter who is trying to persuade whom.

P.S. If you’re serious about taking the easy way to get your partner into the male chastity lifestyle, then just give Be Careful What You Wish For a try, because  you have my unconditional lifetime money-back guarantee behind you, so there’s no risk, and nothing to lose except your orgasms…

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