Male Orgasm Denial (Tips for Ladies ONLY!)

by Sarah on April 27, 2010

You wanted prurient details? Well, I’ve found this is the ultimate in male orgasm denial. It drives John completely nuts and leaves him a shuddering, quivering wreck.

Beg? You ain’t heard nothing like it.

And the reason I’m posting it is I’m feeling feisty, hot-weasel-horny and I want John to read it before we go to bed and know, absolutely know for sure what he’s got coming to him tonight without even the faintest, remotest, highest pie-in-the-sky hope of coming.

Not tonight. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not for at least another 2 ½ weeks.

I always start with John going down on me… I love it and he’s very good at it. We’re usually in a semi-69 position so I can reach through between his legs and gently draw my nails over down his cock and over his scrotum, occasionally massaging his perineum (oh yeah… and sometimes I milk him that way, too. Much better than an internal milking and really quite frustrating for him even though it’s pleasurable in its own way).

This gets him groaning and moaning and dripping… and I get so wonderfully, deliriously wet and horny knowing how turned on he is. In the beginning, this is what made male orgasm denial so hard: when it became too much for him, he’d turn round, enter me with a long, deep and passionate kiss… and I’d be too far gone to make him stop.

But now I know better… so I make him get onto his hands and knees, supporting his weight in exactly the same position he’d be in as he entered me.

Then he knows to stay there, stock still. He knows if he moves, I’ll stop right there and then and he’ll have to finish satisfying me with his hands and tongue. Odd, really, because he knows he’s never going to come like this, but still he doesn’t want me to stop. Like people say: men love male orgasm denial because it’s like being half-way to orgasm all the time.

Anyway, I’ll open my legs wide, as wide as I can and slide my hand between us and grab his cock, and move it against my wet pussy, just as I’d do with a dildo. This drives him bananas, yet it’s never yet been enough to make him come or even have to ask me to stop. I don’t know how far I could push it, but I do wonder if he ever could come like this (now there’s a thoroughly evil thought… I could make him wait a year and then tell him he comes like this… or he doesn’t come at all for another year. Would I do that? Fuck yes, right now I would. Extreme male orgasm denial on steroids).

Fast, slow, hard, soft… I use his cock for my pleasure, taking exquisite delight in his gasps and groans. I’ll come like this maybe three, four times, long slow orgasms… not earth shattering like he gives me with his tongue, but deeply, deeply satisfying warming me right to my core. Mmmm…

And then, when I’m done, I’ll warn him not to come, not to move… and I’ll raise my hips and pull him towards me, taking him inside me all the way in a long, slow mental count of five. Then I’ll hold him, whispering sweet, sweet words in his ear, saying everything and nothing, telling him how long he has to wait, sharing with him how much I love it that he cannot, must not, will not come, kissing him, stroking his face… until, gently, I let him go.

Just once, slowly in and out. That’s all he gets when we do it this way.

His whole body is quivering, poised to thrust into me and come, male orgasm denial and chastity be damned.

I wouldn’t stop him, and sometimes I yearn for him to take me like that, almost like a whore… just fucking me , fucking me, and fucking me hard until he fills me with his wet heat.

But no. Not yet, my beloved. Not for a few weeks yet.

Sleep usually comes quickly for me now, warm content, and wet… and feeling his hard throbbing cock pressed against my back as we cuddle spoon-like.


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