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Merry Male Chastity Christmas!

by Sarah on December 24, 2010

Merry Male Chastity Christmas!

And what a Christmas it is, and what a year it’s been… and what a year 2011 is going to be.

As I sit here writing this, red wine pleasantly warming my tummy, John is wrapping my pressies in his office. I know this because I can  hear him cursing and swearing at the paper and sellotape. He doesn’t like wrapping, poor dear.

And yet my best present of all is the smallest and the only one that’ll be no surprise. At least, I’m 99% certain I know what it is (or they are). Because for this last week John has been in his new Lori #2C and I am certain tomorrow he’s going to give me the keys (I’ll write a review of it shortly, or perhaps get John to do it if he’ll make the time).

male chastity

Feast your eyes on John’s delicious new #2C male chastity cage from Lori Lancer. I’ll put up some shots with it “in action”, so to speak, soon.

I’m not sure this is a good idea from his point of view, because not only is it exquisite and I simply love just looking at him in it, but I’ve changed my mind about letting him cum this Christmas. I may allow it on New Year’s Eve, but then again I may not. Can I change my mind?

Yes — because in our flavour of male chastitySarah Decides when, how and IF John gets to cum. And this is up to and including never if it suits me.

The reason for my change of heart is… I have definitely decided to make him wait a year, this time, and it starts on New Year’s Day. So he won’t get to cum at all in 2011, not one. My answer will always be no. Nein. Niet. Nada.

In fact… if I don’t show a little mercy on New Year’s Eve, it’ll actually have been a year and a bit, because he hasn’t cum since our anniversary back in October.

We actually tried a year’s male chastity once before, if you recall, but he had an accident which was frustrating and disappointing, but wholly understandable. It just seemed like a lot of work to start all over again from scratch, but with the New Year and his new Lori, I feel revitalised, energised and thoroughly wicked.

And ready for another try at a year of male chastity and orgasm denial.

And this time, while he’ll be getting the same tease and denial as before, once or twice a week most weeks, he will not be entering me.

I find that too risky for both of us. The Lori will come off once a week for a good scrub and my visual inspection, as well as the T&D, but otherwise it’s staying on.

As you can imagine, when I told him what I’d decided he was as horny as a sex-crazed stoat, but that’s kind of the point (note for those who don’ t “get” male chastity: it often means more sex, not less).

I’ve written about this before and deal with it at some length in Be Careful What You Wish For, but the thought of not allowing him to enter me is electrifying for us both. There comes that moment when he just wants to slide into me… but he’s got a whole year ahead of not being allowed to do that.

I’ve balked at it before now because I’d miss penetrative sex… but since we’ve had the Rabbit, I’ve realised…

I can sacrifice it for a year in the interests of strict male chastity and orgasm denial for John.

This year, this time… I want it to be perfect. Strict, merciless male chastity… and one whole year long.

I know some people (men and women) have told me in private correspondence they think a year of male chastity is too long (and as my dear friend Tom Allen wrote just yesterday, some people think even one second of male chastity is one second too many).

I, of course, disagree. And more important, so does John. Listen, I shouldn’t have to keep saying this, but male chastity is always a two-way street. Male chastity is a game we play together, not something I’ve tricked or forced him into.

As far as I’m concerned male chastity is one of the best tools I’ve ever discovered for making a good relationship great. It obviously isn’t for everyone, and it’s not even going to suit everyone who wants it, simply because their partner might be singularly uninterested in it (even now I sometimes can’t help feeling a little twinge of guilt when I stroke his stressed and straining cock and balls in the Lori as he pleases me with his tongue, knowing what he wants so badly yet won’t be getting for a year or more).

But the fact remains, male chastity is a lot of fun and while we all should Be Careful What You Wish For there’s no doubt whatsoever many more people would enjoy it if they just gave it a try.

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