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My Male Chastity Book and Why I've Written One

by Sarah on September 1, 2010

I never set out to write a male chastity book.

No, seriously.

I started the Blog for all the reasons I’ve gone over time and time again, and over time as more and more people starting reading it and sending me messages it became obvious the easiest way to save my own sanity was to answer all the questions in one place – hence my free Guide and Newsletter (the latter grew out of the free Guide in an attempt to fill in some gaps and put things in a real-world context)

But it wasn’t long before even this wasn’t enough and people wanted something more.

And that was when a reader or two, and John (I can’t remember who came first, if you’ll pardon the expression), suggested I wrote a full no-holds-barred male chastity book.

My... I’ve never written any book before, let alone one as risqué as a male chastity book.

And one thing that put me off was there were a couple already out there – Lucy Fairbourne’s A Guide for Keyholders,

Male Chastity Book Cover

Be Careful What You Wish For — The Ultimate Guide to Male Chastity

which I think is not too bad so far as it goes, and Beautiful Enslavement by “Mistress” Sara Collins, which I consider to be woefully inadequate attempt by someone who has hired a researcher to trawl the ‘net for information and throw together something she optimistically calls a “male chastity book” in a weekend.

So, I thought there was room for something a little more… well, just more.

Now, several months and one male chastity book later, I think it’s all worked out rather well.

I am very proud of and pleased with my male chastity book, and it has been universally acclaimed. No, not everyone likes every word of it, but that’s to be expected. Here’s a typical review, for instance. And Thumper, while he disagrees with my admittedly black-and-white characterisation of submissive men, also said some very nice things about it.

Yet still, there are those who piss and moan about my writing a male chastity book at all.

Some think I’m acting “above my station”, whatever that might mean; others think I shouldn’t be so mercenary as to expect remuneration for my hard work; and yet others go further and say I cannot truly be serious about male chastity because I’m asking money for a male chastity book (that to me is such a non sequitur it’s on a different planet).

I find this sense of entitlement for a male chastity book most unpleasant, like a bad smell.

I’m not offended – frankly, I don’t give a fuck, and prefer to invest my time and energy in the nearly 200 people who have invested their time and energy in themselves by buying a male chastity book rather than worry about a few sad-sacks who think they somehow have a claim on the fruit of my hundreds of hours of labour sitting down and putting a male chastity book together.

The fact is, I’m not selling out or deceiving anyone. No one who doesn’t want a male chastity book has to buy one. The number of people who are content with my free Guide and Newsletter is approximately an order of magnitude larger than those who do invest in my male chastity book.

And that’s fine. I don’t begrudge anyone the time and effort I put in to the Blog and the free Guide for a second.

It’s nice that my baby, my own male chastity book is selling pretty well, yes; it’s nice that I’m reading lovely things people are saying about it and me (I’m as much a sucker for compliments as any woman); and it’s nice to have something of my own in the business rather than following John’s lead all the time.

But none of it’s necessary. I started the Blog for a reason – to share my experiences and help educate couples new to the lifestyle, showing them it’s not all French-maids’ outfits, creampies and cuckokding.

And that reason is still valid today.

The Blog and writing about the lifestyle has made a huge difference in my life in so, so many areas.

And believe me, I’m not getting rich of selling the odd male chastity book here and there to people who really do feel they need that bit of extra information that’s not available in the same format, in as much depth or in the same logical order.

So, to all those who have supported me, either by investing my male chastity book or just making nice comments about me, thank you. To the silent majority of my readers who perhaps take away all they want and need from the Blog and free Guide, thank you, too.

But to those who complain and think my believing fair exchange is no robbery, and my asking a purely consensual reward for my endless work on a male chastity book is somehow wrong, and I’m letting the “side” down in some way… my guess is you’re the same kinds of whiny wannabes who try to bully your wives and girlfriends into locking you up without a shred of consideration for what they want.

So, to you humourless, whining shits I say… “go boil your head!”. You don’t have to buy a male chastity book if you don’t want one!

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