My Valentine's Treat (not what you think with your dirty mind!)

by Sarah on February 13, 2011

And finally, John is sitting down to write his review of his Lori #2C. It’s only taken  me a couple of months (and to everyone who’s written and suggested I ‘make’ him do it… not only is that not how we do things around here, but I challenge anyone to make him do anything he doesn’t want to.

He really is such a sweetie, though: after I confessed my envy of his new 27″ iMac, he went and bought me one as a surprise present for Valentines (but he let me have it early on account there was nowhere to hide the box, lol. I didn’t want a 27″ so he got me the 20.5″. I am such a lucky girl!)

So tonight I’m going to give him a special Valentine’s ‘treat’ which most certainly won’t involve him coming (not for another 8 1/2 months,  the lucky man), but will involve a lot of lube and some slow, slow, slow stroking.

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Now which kind of leads me on to a comment P.L. made in an email about How To Drive Your Man Insane with Desire where I say (in the “Oral Mindblower”, “How to Give a Woman Fantastic Oral Sex (so good, she might never let you fuck her again)”.

In effect, P.L. wanted to know, “are you serious?”.

Well, yes and no. I mean, it’s unlikely any woman is going to be so cruel and final, but the point really is if she was ever that way inclined, then giving her fantastic oral sex like this could well be the one thing that tipped the balance. Certainly, one of the things I’m doing this year is absolutely not allowing John inside me (apart from anything else, as he proved the last time we were going for a full year of orgasm denial, it’s just too risky).

But never?

I personally think that would be too much to promise, even though I admit it is an extremely hot thought and fantasy. But never means not just this month or this year… but next year, and the year after… until we’re both in our 80s, say, and one of us drops dead.

Which is all, of course, just a hair’s breadth from that oft visited fantasy of permanent orgasm denial. Hot, to be sure; but practical?

Not for me, no. I don’t think so, anyway.

Because the question is really, “do I never want to make love to my husband again, ever?” and to me, it’s like asking “do I never want to breathe again, ever?”.

I don’t know how others feel about that (comment and let me know) but, to me, at least, if we claim male chastity is a great way to improve your relationship and sex life, then it seems like making that kind of denial permanent and forever is defeating the object somewhat. Yes, there’s always ruined orgasms, and I suppose a woman could go half-way and say he can come, but never inside her or never properly or force the issue in any one of a number of ways — and to be sure, I can see the why that might interest some people.

And so I guess this works for some, and there are certainly more blogs than you can shake a stick at where the writer claims this is the life they’re leading, but none of them have the ring of truth, really. But even if they are accurate and truthful, they still don’t represent the kind of lifestyle I want myself, nor the lifestyle most people who email me seem to want, either.

For me, it’s about having fun, and I don’t think that kind of unending Draconian regime would be fun for anyone for ever.

But, of course, your mileage may vary.

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