No Wonder There's a Recession On!

by Sarah on March 11, 2010

Jumping forward from the CB3000 to today, missing out about 2 years of some pretty interesting stuff (I promise I’ll get through it all in time), we’re currently in the market for a fully-fledged chastity belt.

At the moment I have John fairly safely locked away in a Lori #12D, but it’s far from satisfactory. Just to be clear: there’s nothing wrong with the device itself, and I can’t fault Lori on her service and support, nor the quality of the manufacture.

The simple fact is, though, it’s proving very troublesome for him to wear. The device is secured through a stainless steel pin going through the hole of his PA piercing (he got it done especially for the Lori… talk about being serious about this!).

The real problem is the pain, both from the dulled steel pins in the small ring and, probably more seriously, the piercing itself. It bleeds. We’re not quite sure where the blood’s coming from, the piercing or some occasional pinching from where the pin inserts into the bosy of the device, but it’s a bit of a worry.

So, we’re now in the market for a full steel belt… but it seems nobody wants to sell us one!

We’ve emailed, faxed and telephoned Tollyboy, Neosteel and LockedInSteel, and getting a reply is like trying to get the proverbial blood out of a stone.

Here we are in a recession, looking to spend around €750 or more on their products… and no one wants to know. Argh! How frustrating.

Oh… and the reason we want a belt, other than the problems we’re having with the Lori… is the idea of very long term and perhaps permanent chastity is becoming an even more frequent topic of conversation. Plus I think he’ll look fabulous all in steel like that. Gorgeous!

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