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Permanent Male Chastity Revisited

by Sarah on April 19, 2010

There’s nowt so queer as folk.

And when it comes to permanent male chastity, things can get very queer indeed (a note for non-native British English speakers… “nowt” is a phonetic spelling of some Northerners’ colloquialism for “nothing”… and “queer” here means “strange”. I know, I know… you probably know what I mean already, but George Bernard Shaw was quite right).

We’ve talked about this subject before, and then it morphed into a discussion about the myth of enforced male chastity yadda , yadda, yadda. I don’t really want to go into that again right now, but I’m sure it’ll rear its purple, glistening head again at some point.

But, since there seems to be some confusion in people’s mind, what I do what to get into is the difference between two apparently similar and definitely related but actually very different things: permanent male chastity and permanent orgasm denial.

I reckon, on the whole, the former is desirable, fun, maybe inevitable and perhaps even necessary in some relationships… but the latter, as has been pointed out by others, poses some very real problems, obstacles and limitations.

Let me just say at the outset, I know there are couples out there who say they practice permanent orgasm denial, so I’m not talking in absolutes here. No matter what behaviour or lifestyle you can imagine, in a planet with 6 ½ billion people on it, someone is going to be living it (anyone else seen that “two girls one cup” video? Jesus).

For most couples, though, I suspect permanent male orgasm denial would be almost impossible to ensure and severely limiting in what you can actually do to amuse yourself as the keyholder. As Michael_X pointed out here in his comment, if a man in permanent male chastity and desperate to orgasm applies a powerful vibrator to himself, even through a belt, the chances are he’ll orgasm. Plus there are non-genital orgasms (similar to external milking, like I do with John).

Plus, and this true for me, and I know a lot of women agree, I like making my man orgasm.

And why not?

Assuming you’re not in a female-led relationship and you see yourself as a partnership of equals rather than one controlling the other, there’s every reason we would want to give the man we love the gift of orgasm.

I do want to repeat for the Chastity Taliban and the hard-of-reading out there: I know there are women who like their men to be submissive, treat them like dirt and call their man’s penis their “man clitty”. But… first, I’m not talking about your preferences or your lifestyle; secondly I suspect you’re in the minority; and thirdly even if I’m wrong in my second point, please see my first.

For me, having thought about it lots and bounced thoughts and ideas backwards and forwards, I think permanent male chastity is the way to go for us rather than permanent orgasm denial – meaning, I’ll control John’s orgasms but there will be no explicit prohibition on my letting him orgasm again… but, equally there’s no guarantee I ever will, either. He simply won’t know when, where, how or even if it’s ever going to happen.

Which actually makes it all the more delicious.

Think about it: if he knows he can ever orgasm again, as with permanent male orgasm denial, there’s no reason for him to bother, and every reason for him, eventually, to think of ways to cheat, escape or otherwise get what he wants. After all, he has nothing to lose by trying and everything to gain.

But with permanent male chastity… for all he knows his next orgasm is just around the corner. If he cheats now, then he’ll be cheating himself. If he’s caught, then who knows what the reaction will be from his loved one?

Mmmm… so on the whole… I see wonderful times ahead.

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