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fake casting xxx Privacy Policy — Male Chastity Blog

Privacy Policy

Like most web sites, this blog, the Male Chastity Blog collects information about the people who visit it. This page is intended to help you understand what’s recorded when you’re here.

Your Name

If you comment, and use your real name, then I and others who read your comment will know it. Similarly, if you use any of the Social Media features, like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to comment, then your activity on this blog might become known to others in your social circles.

If you don’t like that idea, don’t comment.

Your Email Address

If you comment, and provide your real email address, then I will have a record of that. I won’t share it with anyone else. I might use it if there’s some need to email you in a follow-up on your comment.

The only other exception is this: if you post threatening, offensive or abusive messages on the blog or send them to me by email, then I reserve the right to publish them in full along with any and all other details I have about you on the blog. By sending such messages, you are giving me permission to make them public along with your details.

If you join my email list for the free guide and other information and tips, then the same privacy rules apply.

I may answer personal emails on the blog but will never identify you. If you ask me not to answer your email on the blog or my mailing list, then I’ll respect that. You won’t, however, usually get a one-to-one answer.

Your IP Address

Virtually all web sites record the IP address of people who visit them.

Potentially, this could allow you to be identified, particularly in cases where some companies or universities may link an IP address to someone’s real name.

In most cases, this isn’t something for you to worry about.

I rarely bother trying to use IP addresses to figure out where people have come from – the exceptions are where I’ve had unpleasant or threatening emails and comments. Really, I’m not in the least bit interested in finding out who you are.

Other Personally Identifiable Information

Personal identifiable information is information that allows you to be identified as a particular person, such as your name, your address or phone number.

As I’ve already made clear, I may know your name and email address if you provide this when you comment or joining my email lists.

There’s nothing else I can think of that I record unless you for some reason deliberately choose to provide it when sending a message to me using the blog’s contact form.

If you purchase one of my products then I sometimes might get more information about you. I don’t store this locally and all the online information resides on Paypal’s and e‑junkie’s own secure servers and is covered by their own privacy policies.

Cookies & Tracking Codes

Visits to the Male Chastity Blog inevitably cause a number of cookies to be placed on your browser. This allows the site to know if you’ve come before and also allow me to make the site behave in different ways for new visitors.

These cookies are just simple strings of text and don’t reveal who exactly you are.

If you don’t like cookies, you can disable them when visiting the site. It works just fine without them, although you might find popups you thought you had banished keep reappearing.

The Male Chastity Blog also runs tracking code, including that from Google Analytics and GetClicky, that tells me to know what pages were viewed, how people found those pages and a whole lot of other related data. The tracking code does not reveal who exactly you are.

If you don’t like tracking codes, you can disable them by disabling Javascript in your browser.

Most of the site should work OK without Javascript enabled, but I make no promises.

Advertising & Behavioral Targeting

I don’t run any ads on the blog, so I don’t do any targeting.