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Why So Quiet Sarah?

by Sarah on January 16, 2015

A few people have messaged me over the past few months asking if everything’s OK, why am I so quiet, and am I getting “burned out” testtest.

In fact, my friends also reached out, asking after my health.

Yes, I’ll tell you in a moment, and no.

As you may know (I’ve mentioned it before), John and I run our own business – we’re both writers. I tend more towards general freelance stuff, but John is a marketing whizz.

And he is in demand and has been hosting big marketing events over the past few months, which has meant us both putting in 18-hour days to get stuff ready, over and over again. This is a pain in the behind because it takes over our lives; but it’s also marvellous because not only does it mean big invoices, but it means John’s really gaining more and more recognition for his work.

So this is why I’ve been so quiet. Writing about male chastity is great fun but it doesn’t pay the bills.

Which just goes to reinforce the point I make so often yet which gets ignored by so many: male chastity is something you’ll have more success with if you realise it fits into your life rather than forms the foundation of it (OK, so there are some people out there who live in 24/7 slavery, or so they say, but they are a fraction of a very small percentage of men and women who are experimenting with male chastity).

I do understand why people get so damned uptight about it all because it’s a highly emotionally charged game – and anything involving sex involves the emotions and is incredibly powerful.

And powerful emotions lead us to take things a bit too personally and to react in wholly disproportionate ways (this is why drunk people fight so readily – their powers of reasoning are suppressed and they’re reacting emotionally).

So just relax about things. It’s only a game, and if you start taking it too much to heart, you’re bound to be disappointed when things don’t work out quite the way you hoped.

Don’t get me wrong – male chastity is serious. But so is any hobby, really. What it doesn’t pay you to do is get solemn about it. As John Cleese pointed out, the opposite of “fun” isn’t “serious” – it’s “solemn”.

By example, then, take this week: John and I have been working 18-hour days and have both been too tired afterwards to do anything but sleep so we could get up 6 hours later to start all over again.

So, we haven’t played at all. Poor old John has been locked up and left.

Now, many men, if they take this all too personally would be wailing and gnashing their teeth worrying in case their wife or girlfriend was getting tired of the male chastity lifestyle and posting “woe is me!” on forums all over the place. And many women in my position, where their man has been too tired to show proper “attention” to them, would be doing the same thing.

But no, it’s real life. It happens. It intrudes. And when it does, it’s usually intruding because it’s actually more important than a kinky sex-game. After all, the income we get from the business makes it possible for us to play the male chastity game in the first place. Duh.

And less obvious, perhaps, is the benefit from this week. Because while we might have been too busy and tired to “play”… John has been too busy to cycle or work out.

Which means he’s been locked up in his Tollyboy since Saturday night without a break – and while he was out of the belt, I gave him the most awesome Tease & Denial session before locking him up without letting him come.

He’s won’t orgasm again for nearly a year, so last Saturday was something of an ordeal for him… muwahahahah.

So, just remember: it IS all just a game and it’s one you’re supposed to enjoy (why else would you be playing it?).

AND… if worst comes to worst… just look at it in another way and see if you can’t find that elusive silver lining.

In His Chastity,

Sarah xxx

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