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Male Chastity Resources

Below you’ll find some of the exceptional Male Chastity Resources from the Male Chastity Blog.

Be Careful What You Wish For -- The Ultimate Guide to Male Chastity.

At over 270 pages, this remarkable book has been universally acclaimed as the last word in sane, sound and realistic advice on Male Chastity.

It takes you through the entire process, from understanding the desire in yourself or your partner, to broaching the subject in a simple and non-threatening way, to actually living a serious male chastity lifestyle.

Click the image to discover more about this must-have resource for anyone serious about male chastity.

How to Drive Your Man Insane with Desire MP3s

How to Drive Your Man Insane with Desire - The Quick, Dirty and UNCENSORED Guide to Tease and DenialIf you enjoyed the ebook… you’ll LOVE the MP3s.

Read out by me per­son­ally in my sexy Eng­lish accent (I know how much you love it from the com­ments I’ve had about the BCWYWF MP3s), this is the unabridged ver­sion of the free ebook avail­able else­where on the Male Chastity Blog (if you don’t have it, get it as soon as you can because you’ll def­in­itely want the MP3s once you’ve read the ebook — it’s 45 minutes of pure sex to set your pulse racing…).