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Too Sexed Up In Chastity?

by Sarah on January 17, 2015

This week, I got a  a really funny question from G, in the UK:

i am worried about male chastity if it makes me too horny and turned on. i share a house with two friends and one is gay (a man). i am scared if i get to sexed up i might do something i shouldnt with this guy. what do you think??”

Now, he knows this is appearing today, so I’m not mocking him. But, my, I did laugh when I read this. Out loud, and long, to the extent John came over to see what I was laughing at I couldn’t speak for laughing testtest testtest testtest.

G., please, don’t worry. Homosexuality really isn’t a big deal unless you make it one. If you’re thinking along those lines, if you’re worried about what might “happen”, then is it possible that’s what you really want to happen?

It doesn’t make you “gay” or even “bi”. It’s no big deal, and no harm to anyone so long as you’re sensible and safe about things, but that applies to all sex, gay or straight.

And WE won’t tell if YOU don’t OK? ?

Life is short and you’re a long time dead, my friend.

In His Chastity,

Sarah xxx

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