Shall I Laugh or Cry?

by Sarah on April 14, 2011

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry weed games online.


Well… someone emailed me yesterday about my stick insect in a dress” post and asked me about my own figure (I’ve mentioned a couple of times I work out just the same as John does, only lighter).

To keep it respectable… let’s just say he wanted to know if I “looked big and buff like those bodybuilder girls“.

And… no I don’t.

Which isn’t surprising because women simply aren’t made that way. The women you see looking like men in bikinis are:

  1. Fanatically dedicated to their sport.
  2. Pumped up to the eyeballs on steroids.
  3. Genetic freaks.

All I do is work out heavy thrice a week, keep my protein high, and calculate the rest of my calorie intake in the form of carbs and fat around my workouts (low fat on workout days, low carbs on non-workout days).

So while I’m getting defined and have the glimmerings of a “hardbody” now, I am nothing like John who now has a 6‑pack and looks deliciously chiselled.

I used to subscribe to the idea women should train differently from men, and was once one of the pink-vinyl dumbbell brigade. But once I gave John’s programme a try (and he got it in turn from his UK champ bodybuilder friend), I realised I was wrong.

Funny how a lot of things in life are like that, isn’t it? I was the same way when I first encountered male chastity, thinking one thing… but then coming to realise another, more realistic and accurate truth.

Anyway, there you have it: I am not Big Bertha ;-).

In His Chastity,


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