Shhh... Don't Tell Anyone!

by Sarah on April 10, 2011

Ever walked down a street and seen someone who looked really, really outlandish and weird?

Ever watched the television or read in a newspaper or magazine about someone’s bizarre lifestyle, hobby or obsession?

Bet you have.

And, then think… how much time and energy did you give it? You maybe thought about it for a few minutes; maybe you told a few friends or your partner; you might even have had a chuckle or two about it.

But then?

Do you really care? Do you judge the worth of people because of their lifestyle choices?

Sure, if they’re behaving in a way that harms others who haven’t consented to that, then you might have an opinion. But otherwise… do you really care, worry or fret about others’ kinks, fetishes and peccadilloes?

My guess is no, you don’t. My guess is you barely give these things another thought.


Question: “I’m a guy how do i buy a chastity device with out any one finding out?

Answer: why would you want to?

As someone really wise once said, “You’d stop worrying what people think of you if only you realised how seldom they do”.

If you want male chastity, then  forget what’s supposed to be right, proper and the “done thing” and just give it a try.

No matter what, they can’t kill and eat you for it.

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