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Sleepy Male Chastity

by Sarah on February 12, 2015

One thing male chastity doesn’t mean — at least for us — is that John isn’t prohibited from initiating sex.

That’s important, I think, if you really want it to work for you both. Given that one of the reasons for giving male chastity a whirl is to spice up your relationships in general and your love-lives in particular, it seems to me placing such a restriction on a man would be counterproductive.

After all, ONE of the reasons I hear over and over from men who want to give it a try is they don’t have enough sex and their wives feel pressurised when their men try to initiate it.

Odd as it may seem male chastity can actually remove that pressure because it’s now been “formally” agreed the woman can say no. She’s an idiot if she ALWAYS says no, because that might just be a continuation of the same behaviour that got them into the situation male chastity is supposed to be helping them out of.

And it works very well, at least for us.

As an example, on Monday night I was exhausted, but John was up late working.

sleepysexWhen he came to bed I was asleep and he was horny. In that situation the temptation is to say “no” because you’re tired… but with John being locked, that idea tends to fly out of the window.


Because it’s an accepted part of the male chastity game that I can just lie there and enjoy his ministrations without feeling pressurised into giving him anything more than some teasing caresses around the back of the crotch-piece of his Tollyboy in return.

What’s more John KNOWS this and ACCEPTS this — he’s never been the type to take “no” personally with me, but even if he was, the fact the “rules” now mean Sarah Decides (remember?) would change the whole dynamic.

So, I lay there, half-woke up, responded, teased a little, enjoyed a couple of long, slow languorous orgasms, kissed him deeply and went back to sleep wrapped in his arms, both of us supremely content and happy.

One thing male chastity — done SENSIBLY — does for couples is clear the air and make your positions and the boundaries clear.

I personally don’t think you can put a price on the value of that.

In His Chastity,

Sarah xxx

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