A Male Chastity Belt 24/7 – John’s New Life

by Sarah on July 24, 2010

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Fig 1: John’s male chastity belt. He’s not in it now, but he was for a time. Now he’s in a Lori.

Male chastity belt? Yes. Just to clear up something which I thought was pretty obvious: yes, John was for a time in a Tollyboy steel male chastity belt 24/7 and I had the keys.

I’m not sure what in my last post led anyone to conclude it was otherwise, but that’s how it is (actually, I tend to assume everyone is on the same page, so to speak, but I should be more aware and forgiving of the fact that many of my readers are new every day – which is why they should read the bloody FAQ before bugging me!).

Anyway… back to…

Locked in a male chastity belt, 24/7

Well, it’s almost 24/7 because, as I said, on days he goes out on his bike I unlock him for the duration and then either lock him when he returns or he takes it in the shower for a clean and then we put it on when he gets out. It also seems to come off rather a lot at night because I like to tease him. Ironically, having him locked up in a steel male chastity belt makes me want him even more.

Which reminds me… I admit, I’m a little surprised at the response to yesterday’s newsletter and the now infamous teasing session I described.

I know I’ve vacillated about writing about the prurient details, but I finally got round to it and put it in the Newsletter. I don’t have any particular objection to writing about it… it’s just that I don’t think it’s really congruent with the rest of the message I want the Blog to convey.

So the Newsletter is the perfect place for it.

And it seems like I made the right call because I’ve been inundated with emails asking for more updates like that, begging me to write fiction (yes, it’s coming) and more than a few telling me they wished their wives and girlfriends would treat them the same way.

Yes, John is a lucky man; but then, I feel I’m a lucky lady, too.

I even had one chap offer to come and live with us as my slave – being absolutely clear about the fact he wants nothing more than to be locked up in a steel male chastity belt like John’s and treated badly – no sex, no romance, no teasing.

Oh my.

I don’t have the heart to be mad at him, because he was so polite and such a sweet man. But I’ll still pass on that one even though I’d bet a pound for a penny John would just laugh and tell me to get on with it if I wanted to do that.

Another fellow, much, much younger this time, thinks I should open a place for weekend-retreats, as I’ve written before.

Now that I really have thought about and it’s perhaps something for the future, say in the 2 to 5 year timescale. It’s certainly not something I’ll be doing in the immediate future, but I’d not rule it out. If I did it, I’d want to make it perfect –a steel male chastity belt included with the programme fees?

I don’t know… because that then that adds complexities all of its own, so there’s a lot to think about to make it right.

For a start, there would have to be someone capable of making the aforementioned steel male chastity belt and then some arrangement for fitting and acclimatisation before they arrived.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Because they’d leave locked and their wives would have the keys.

And then would a weekend be long enough?

Probably not. Perhaps a week or more, like a boot-camp. Maybe something like the OWK only a bit saner and less fanciful.

I do know it’ll be very exclusive, reassuringly expensive and only for serious men and women with commitment, stamina and deep, deep pockets.

I must admit, it’s all a lot of fun to think about and John and I have talked about it a lot… you know, those long almost whimsical talks you have after wine and lovemaking, when everything seems possible? (Oh… and the moonlight glinting off John’s steel male chastity belt as we lie cuddled up with the hot waves of my orgasm still coursing through me… sublime…)

But in reality?

I don’t know. One thing that does put me off is I can’t help but feel some of the men might start to think they are in some kind of “relationship” with me.

A male chastity belt can muck about with your emotions

This is one reason I don’t engage much with men who email me, and it’s probably the main thing that stops me from offering any kind of keyholding service.

If I did, it would have to be one with ongoing support, communication and coaching. Even though from my end it would be purely business, I think with the best will in the world the fellow on the other end is must needs going to become emotionally involved with the whole thing. I think it would be almost impossible to be locked up in a steel male chastity belt and not become emotionally attached in some way to the person holding the keys.

And shit like that in my life I can well do without.

For the Retreats, this wouldn’t be a problem because I wouldn’t allow single men – it’d be couples only and it would involve both of them.

Obviously for keyholding only single men would be interested so there would be no point in having the same rule (on the contrary, even though it’s possible there are married men out there who want or need an extra-marital keyholder, that’d potentially be even more shit in my life I can well do without).

I confess… the thought of being Lady of the Manor, so to speak, would be rather nice. It would be most pleasing to have couples coming in at the beginning of the week or month and leaving with the man locked in a steel male chastity belt, trained and under his wife’s thumb. Lord knows what they’d see in having a man like that, but from my perspective the process of helping them get what they wanted would be extremely satisfying.

Hell, a woman can dream, can’t she?

Which reminds me, brings me to a convenient point to stop (ironic turn of phrase) and also closes an open loop from further up the page: fiction and prurient details of John’s teasing and, for want of a better word “service” now he’s in that there cold and uncompromising steel male chastity belt 24/7 until Christmas.

Encouraged by the responses, I’ll write more of that mucky stuff in the Newsletter. Perhaps not every week, but enough to keep you quivering and leaking, I’m sure.

And… I’ve finally thought of a way to make back-issues available without putting them on the website proper and the details of how to get those I’ll share in the Newsletter also.

And… the fiction. I’ll actually leave you guessing with that. The first one will be coming out at the same time as the new Guide (details as ever in the Newsletter) and will kill two birds with one stone.

See if you can figure it out. Send me your answers and if you get it right, I’ll make sure you get the first story before anyone else does.

And now? Well, I’m aware I’m babbling a bit. Hungry, horny and tired.

It’s Saturday evening – so it’s chip shop, wine, DVD and then a good seeing-to for me! I love having my man in a male chastity belt, lol.

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