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A Steel Chastity Belt for John (his Tollyboy Belt is finally on its way!)

by Sarah on May 25, 2010

After much frustration it looks like John’s yummy stainless steel chastity belt is finally on its way. We had an email from Richard of Tollyboy after trying hard to elicit a response from him after he’d told us the steel chastity belt was finished several weeks ago. For various (very good and understandable) reasons he’s been incommunicado.

Frustrating and irritating at times, but that’s in the past and what we’ve got to look forward to now is my gorgeous sexy husband firmly locked away in that delicious steel chastity belt. I can’t deny I think the Tollyboy is the most aesthetically pleasing steel chastity belt we’ve looked at, and I cannot wait to see it against John’s hot new tan and yummy muscles.

And this of course has brought back to top of consciousness the thought of…

Just What Am I Going to Do with the Poor Man when His Steel Chastity Belt Arrives?

As with all things, male chastity for us ebbs and flows, coming and going in cycles of intensity. There’s always a natural lull after our honeymoon weekends, and with my writing the Blog and the Guide, it’s lately been more theory than hot practice and experimentation.

Since the holy grail of a steel chastity belt was so obviously delayed in its delivery, we’d put it to the back of our minds and just got on with the day to day trials and tribulations of the male chastity lifestyle.

But now, ping there the steel chastity belt is again, large as life, throbbing with power and ready to rock!

One thing I find delicious and wonderful is even though we’ve not been consciously dwelling on the idea of a steel chastity belt too much while we’ve been waiting for it to arrive, it’s obviously been bubbling away there in my subconscious.

Because the moment John told me Richard had been back in touch about the new Tollboy steel chastity belt…

My Whole Plan for the Steel Chastity Belt Leapt Forward into My Head, Signed Sealed, Rubber-stamped and Delivered!

First thing, and it goes without saying, is he’s going to have to become acclimatised to the steel chastity belt. I can hope against hope and imagine it’ll fit first time and the steel chastity belt will need only a bit of bending.

We’ve talked about it and we’ve concluded, at least tentatively, that if he can wear a steel chastity for a month with no problems, then it’s reasonable to assume he can wear a steel chastity belt effectively permanently. From what we’ve gleaned from others a steel chastity belt can be extremely comfortable once you’re used to it.

Once that’s done, he’s definitely going to be locked in the steel chastity belt until Christmas at the very earliest. On the current timeline, that’s going to be around six months. If we overrun on delivery and acclimatisation of the steel chastity belt for any reason, his release will be pushed back because I want to hit that six-month target in the steel chastity belt the first time round.

At that point he’s going to have a full honeymoon week out of the steel chastity belt where he’ll have free-reign to orgasm as often as he likes. And he’ll probably want to because not only will he have six-months’ denial to get out of his system, but when the week is over he’s going to go a full year in the steel chastity belt before his next orgasm.

This obviously could change if circumstances and the steel chastity belt dictate, but that’s the plan and unless something drastic happens with the steel chastity belt to change it, that’s what he has to look forward to.

If I can I’ll unlock him from the steel chastity belt because I want to edge him as often as I can in the six months’ denial and the full year. I’ve pondered cuffing his hands behind his back whenever he’s free from the steel chastity belt, but that depends on how easy it is to get him in and out of a full steel chastity belt. I’m scared of hurting him, and I know he won’t use his strength to cheat if I trust him to do it himself, even without my supervision.

Deciding that was all pretty easy, to be honest. The hard part for me was deciding the “lock up” procedure for the steel chastity belt, so to speak. It’s kind of dawned on me how fucking hot having him in a steel chastity belt is going to be. The Lori looked fabulous and was very secure, but this steel chastity belt takes it to a whole new level. Mmmm.

And I toyed with whether to let him orgasm before he goes into the steel chastity belt or not, and tossed several possible scenarios around in conversation, just to see what he thought and how he reacted. I love it when he’s bursting to come, and I want to make this as tough for him as I can while he’s in the steel chastity belt. I don’t want to have a slow build up of desire – I want him needing release from day 1.

So… what I’m going to do is this: in the month of acclimatisation in the steel chastity belt, I’ll have the key, but it’ll be on the understanding he can have it on request for inspection or if he gets sore, etc. What I’m not going to let him do is orgasm. He’ll be locked in a steel chastity belt on his Honour, if that makes sense.

In fact, between now and then, and we’re talking probably the next four to six weeks, I’m planning on edging him as often as I can – taking him right to the point when he’s about to come and stopping. I find that absolutely mind-blowing and it’s often a real struggle for me to carry it through because by that point I want him to come so, so badly. I love making him come. I’m soaking wet just writing about it now.

The point is, when that belt goes on for the beginning of his real denial, when he hands me those keys to his steel chastity belt, he’s already going to be desperate to come. I want him aching and dribbling and feeling those involuntary little twinges in his prostate as he goes about his day from the moment that beautiful steel chastity belt clicks shut on his fabulous body until I finally allow him release at Christmas.

And then, the full year in a steel chastity belt?

Oh, Sweet Fucking Jesus, I can’t breathe when I think about it. A full turn of the seasons, a whole year of edging and begging and pleading and knowing without a shadow of a doubt he will not be coming in all that time. Not even a ruined orgasm. Nothing to relieve the pressure and the need to come.

I’m sure the Chastity Taliban will be pulling their beards sagely and telling themselves this all means I’m a closet Domme, but you really do not have a fucking clue.

Because John loves the idea of this. He wants it. And I want it as much for the pleasure it gives him as I want it for the pleasure having in a steel chastity belt gives me.

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