Sunday's big disasters

by Sarah on January 18, 2012

They say things always come in threes, and it was certainly true on Sunday.

Making dinner turned out to be a double disaster (John always cooks on Sundays). Roast beef, hassleback potatoes, carrots, gravy and pureed Brussels sprouts with butter.

Only… some idiot (John) somehow managed to get the kitchen timer in the food processor and promptly destroyed both of them, as well as making the sprouts Differently Edible.

There are just two of his monumental screw ups.

And, just before this, he and I had been out for a drive and we’d come across a pigeon in the road, injured, barely conscious and completely unable to fly.

So he got out of the car, suggested I might want to look at something more pleasant, gently picked it up and with a quick twist, he broke its neck. Neither of us is particularly sentimental about animals, but we don’t like to see them suffer.

Trouble is… either he’s stronger than he realises, or they simply don’t make dinosaurs like they used to because… its head came clean off in his hand.

I am SO glad I was looking elsewhere AND had my eyes firmly shut

So what's the point of all this?

Well, there are three points (which is rather neat, because they’re obviously coming in threes, as well):

First, it just goes to show we don’t always get it right. I bet YOU couldn’t screw up with a food processor, a kitchen timer and a pigeon quite as badly as John did.

See, from the emails I get, people like to put me and John one some kind of pedestal, as if we live perfect, faultless lives.

We don’t. We’re as human as you are, and I bet we make more mistakes and screw up more often and more profoundly than you do (this is really how Be Careful came about — we’ve made all the mistakes, so you don’t have to)

But the difference is, we know this and we accept it, so…

Secondly, it’s a lesson in laughing at yourself. Things often don’t go according to plan, and you can either piss, moan and fret about them, or you can have a laugh at your own stupidity and have some fun.

So if your beloved doesn’t quite get it quite right or you cum when you’re not supposed to, just shrug it off and have a laugh about it (better yet… when you feel you’re about to cum, just think of John pulling off the pigeon’s head, and the moment will pass, I’m sure).

Which leads me to thirdly… just have a go at things!

If you can let go of the fear of failing, then you’ll have a lot more fun in all areas of your life, not just male chastity.

First time John and I tried a chastity device (the CB 3000) it was hopeless. Since then we’ve been through several devices, a full belt and now we’re on a Lori 2C, which is about perfect for what we want right now.

First time we played with a strapon, we couldn’t do a thing, because John got tangled up in the harness, and we just cracked up laughing.

Big deal. Try, try and try again… and now it’s perhaps my favourite toy.

Sure, they’re not for everyone… but they’re an awful lot of fun (not least the pleasure of seeing how frustrating it is for your man when he’s SO close, yet SO far from having what he wants so badly).

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