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The Holy Grail of Male Chastity?

by Sarah on May 9, 2011

Single men looking for male chastity have a hard time, sometimes.

My own advice has always been to have that high on your “shopping list” of things you want from the relationship, and to bring it up as early as you can.

I’ve often said if I somehow found myself single again, I’d definitely go into any new relationship myself with strict male chastity as an essential. The evil woman in me would think to make it permanent, but maybe an orgasm once a year would be evil enough, lol.

So, I was utterly delighted and enthralled to receive this from R.:

My fiancé D. was comfortable enough to suggest male chastity/orgasm control within the first week of our dating. I was very intrigued and really liked the slow, deliberate approach to our sexual life. Of course, being the subject of his pampering & worship did not hurt. We talked a lot about the reasons behind it. In addition we spoke with spiritual advisors who not only support male chastity/orgasm control but are practitioners.

I love the fact that D. is so passionate towards me. I am one very lucky girl! It is so unfortunate that fear (or perhaps just poor communications with their spouse) keeps other women from experiencing the joy & pleasure I enjoy constantly.

Sarah, I am grateful for your calm & clear voice. Thank you very much!”

She goes on to say in another email, that:

D. brought up the subject on our fourth date. After a rather passionate make-out session I wanted to reciprocate the pleasure. Evidently it forced him to talk about it earlier than he had planned.

The fact that I am not under any restrictions and get to receive so much positive affection & attention really made it an easy decision for me. He was denied initially for 90 days.

Currently he is allowed 2 orgasms a month. I plan on putting him back on a 90 day denial, three months before our wedding”

chastity marriage

Imagine… from Day 1 you know she won’t let you cum…

I cannot deny, this makes me go weak at the knees. She is indeed a very lucky girl. And for most men, too, this would be the Holy Grail of Chastity, I’m sure.

Just imagine their wedding night — and just imagine what those first 90 days must have been like (you KNOW what it’s like when you’re with someone new).

And I can’t help thinking D. is in for an incredible life with R. I wonder if he’s hoping she’ll make it longer, or whether a couple of times a month is going to be enough?

Isn’t this just the hottest thing you ever read?

And… D. would NOT have got this if he hadn’t asked for it (and that’s true whether he’d done it at the beginning or later on, once they’d really got in deep).

Not only that, but… how much easier D. made it on himself by being open and honest about it early on.

In any case, the key is and always has been open, honest and clear communication, just as I teach in my free guide (and, I do write about single men and chastity Be Careful What You Wish For).

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