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The Male Chastity Lifestyle and Sad, Sad, Lonely Men

by Sarah on May 31, 2010

I get a lot of messages about the male chastity lifestyle, far more than ever dreamed I would when I started this blog just a few months ago.

But still, I had an inkling when I began that I just might attract some weirdos and sad bastards, so I was fairly explicit on the Contact Sarah page about the “rules” for people to stick to when sending me messages.

Now, as far as I’m concerned, that’s pretty simple. I mean, when I say something like, “I am not inter­ested in flirt­ing with you, giv­ing you the details of my sex-life with John or graphic descrip­tions of how I tease and deny him”, it seems to me, perhaps somewhat naively, it’s fairly clear I mean I am not inter­ested in flirt­ing with you, giv­ing you the details of my sex-life with John or graphic descrip­tions of how I tease and deny him.

Nothing difficult there, correct? I don’t mind sharing my experiences of the male chastity lifestyle, but this isn’t about creating a Blog for men to wank over.

Yet John and even my dear friend Tom Allen told me I’d still get crackpot messages from weirdos and sad bastards.

Guess what?

They were right.

I don’t know what it is about all this, but something seems to stop people from being able to read and understand simple, plain English.

Just before the weekend I got the latest in a stream of increasingly pathetic messages from one reader, two consecutive messages just a few minutes apart:

hello SARAH,

Actually now i am wearing the chastity device for 4 hrs each day. It is not that easy and i get a lot of pain when semi erect will the pain reduce with time??

i get really excited when i read your blog because of the language u use. can you please tease me a bit as you tease john . just a few remarks please !!!”

And then he goes beyond the male chastity lifestyle and into his own sexual shortcomings:

hello SARAH,

this is a weird question but please answer in BRIEF how should i get my wife to many orgasms like she wants me to lick her pussy but i dont know the exact art to do that please give me some tips please.

like how deep should i go and how fast should i do it”

I don’t find any of this offensive and I’m certainly not offended. And I’m not concerned about attracting a real-life stalker – if things got to a point where I felt uneasy, I’d simply turn it all over to John and watch the ensuing bloodbath with satisfaction and a deep sense of justice. John is not someone to piss off, I warn you, and the male chastity lifestyle does tend to increase his aggression at times.

And you will piss him off if you start hassling me, that I do know.

So no, it’s nothing more than just being terribly, terribly sad and pathetic.

The background to all this is the man is allegedly married and his wife keeps him locked away, and humiliates him in front of the neighbour (apparently if he objects, she’ll “force” him to wait longer for release). Yet then in the next few messages he seems to contradict himself by asking me how can he keep the lifestyle a secret from his parents, and all that silly stuff you can read above.

I don’t take myself seriously in the least and the male chastity lifestyle is supposed to be a bit of fun. But it is serious fun because you’re dicking with a pretty important part of your relationship. So while it’s something to laugh about, to be sure, it’s not something to take so lightly you’re ignorant of or oblivious to the ramifications and possible consequences of what you’re doing. That’s why I started the Blog – and I want it to be entertaining and fun, but also serious to the extent it’s realistic and useful and genuinely helps couples get to grips with the male chastity lifestyle in a sane, safe, and realistic way.

So I find this kind of pointless communication frustrating and irritating, not least because it reminds me how fucking stupid and ignorant the human race is and how we’re most likely doomed.

Because this man is clearly very sad and lonely and is just after a cheap thrill from me, clearly trying to draw me out into a sexually oriented email exchange so he can whack off in front of his keyboard.

And I find that profoundly sad.

See assuming he’s married… then how desperately miserable his marriage must be if he can’t have this kind of communication with his own fucking wife; and if he’s single, why, then he’s got the entire world out there to explore to find someone who’s carrying the opposite side of his male chastity lifestyle coin around in her psyche.

But no. Instead he’s clearly a sad, subby little wanker who prefers to masturbate over messages he receives from women he’s never met, spoken to, or even seen.

And yet I realise this is all my own fault.

Men like him want my contempt and derision. I realise now this is what John and Tom (I think) were telling me implicitly.

These men enjoy knowing they disgust me with their pathetic need to submit and be treated badly.

And the more contemptuous and disgusted I am, the more they like it. I’m convinced they think I’m playing their female domination game rather than genuinely being interested in a strict male chastity lifestyle. Truly, I’m not (I don’t understand how any woman could enjoy this in a man – it leaves me wanting a shower).

But what they won’t get now is my attention, and that’s what they crave.

So, I’ve updated the Contact Sarah page to make it even more crystal fucking clear what the rules are about contacting me. It’s probably worth reading, because I know it’ll make a few of you laugh, which is a good thing.

From now on, if you break any of the rules, I won’t reply, not even to tell you where you’ve gone wrong.

Rant over.

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