The things I have to put up with

by Sarah on October 14, 2011

Sometimes, I get people message me and moan about some of the emails I send, saying I should be more thoughtful, accommodating and “respectful”.

Well, maybe.

But, then, I guess they, unlike me, don’t have to put up with messages like this from people, even when I’ve made it perfectly clear I don’t want them (nor the explicit photographs often attached, as one was in this case):

hi sarah i am bi and i am 1 of the cross dress sissy male  i have tryed for months to get my girl lock up my cock take lovers and make me submit to alfa males in front of her  we  have got a cock cage and i love it it keeps my cock small and looks hot standing with my heels on i look forward to becoming a bitch  and i like telling you about  all of this because its humiliating and emaskulating. P”

There are so many things wrong with this, I don’t know where to begin (beginning with his being illiterate).

My reaction has been simply to email him back with just two words (“Fuck off”, in case you were wondering), and to unsubscribe him from my list, block him from subscribing again and, indeed, blocking the unpleasant little shit from emailing me again. How rude, emailing someone something objectionable simply because you “like” telling them about it and the feelings it brings out in you.

And then, today, I get another one from someone else:

I think u are very very excited and wet when u think about chastising john permanently. I think now u should start feminizing him completely, with hormones, and maybe even surgery, since he will never function as a man ever again, and u should be his mistress dominatrix. Then u can find a hot bf, and also a hot gf. U will cuckold him. I am hoping that john will then be your lesbian lover. I also hope that u will become completely lesbian permanently. D”

Just when you thought you’d plumbed the depths of Stupid, some enterprising moron oozes out of the slime to take the standard even lower. It really is quite beyond the pale.

I even had someone message me today and imply my not giving equal time to homosexual male chastity could be construed as my being “homophobic”.


This is obviously someone who has read nothing I’ve said about my libertarian outlook on life.

What planet are these cretins on?

So, maybe now you understand why I get a bit tetchy from time to time.

Truth is, I’m not looking to please everyone or be anyone’s New Best Friend.

I’m not in the least bit interested in trying to be all things to all men and women.

I have one, simple message to give about male chastity. My blog is not a democracy where everyone gets a vote. Nor do I hold to the stupid relativist view that all ideas have equal merit and somehow deserve “respect” and if it’s “true for you, it’s true for you”.

Some things really are just too objectively stupid for words — like the Biblical account of Creation, forced chastity, inescapable chastity belts and female superiority.

Bottom line: if you don’t like my style, attitude or way of doing things around here, then there are dozens, perhaps hundreds of other places you can go for your fix of fantasy. Or, better yet, start your own little corner of the Internet.

But whatever you do… please do not send me these dumb messages. The Stupid is more than my poor heart can bear.

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