True Male Slavery or Just a Game?

by Sarah on December 16, 2012

Sometimes I really do have to wonder what’s going on in people’s heads. Here’s an extract of a message I had the other day from someone who is no doubt sincere in what he’s saying.

But the problem is his fantasy is so hopelessly divorced from any kind of reality he’ll never really get what he wants:

This is because she being my superior, I think getting turned on sexually is a like showing huge disrespect. Even if I am asked for oral servitude, I should think of just serving her and not blasphemize the serving act by thinking in a sexual way turn on for myself. I should develop my thoughts in a way that I become extremely genuine with my intent and hence be a true slave.”

Well, let’s think about this for a moment, shall we?

Would it be actually possible for a man to lose completely his sexual urge by an act of will or training? Highly unlikely, I think. I expect it could be done if you had an army of psychologists and pharmacists at your beck and call, but otherwise? I suspect not.

But let’s pretend you could. And, while we’re here, let’s ignore how utterly stupid the idea of “female superiority” is, too. All just for fun.

Would a woman actually want that in a man?

The only women I have ever come across who are genuinely offended by a man’s sexual desires are either rampant feminists of the worst kind or just mentally ill (I suspect these two sets intersect massively). Even if we are not attracted to the man himself, we enjoy knowing we’re attractive to him.

Again, I can’t deny it’s possible but it seems very unlikely a woman is going to enjoy being serviced dispassionately by some kind of sexless robot who shows no desire or passion. One of the most thrilling things for a woman who treats her man to male chastity and denial is not just the increased ardour and attention of her lover — it’s the squirming, moaning and groaning and his begging for mercy, and the delicious feminine power of knowing you’re not going to let him cum.

As I said: we like to know we’re desired… and a man begging us for an orgasm we control and won’t allow is perhaps the highest and most profound expression of that desire.

And finally, of course, there’s that stupid phrase “a true slave”.

Back in the Roman times they had “true slaves”. It was a status enforced by law, too. The owner of a slave could kill, main, mutilate or torture a slave for any reason or no reason at all with absolutely no restrictions or comeback. In fact, Roman law was so severe that if a slave rebelled and killed his or her master or mistress every slave in the household would be put to death whether they had been part of the crime or not.

That, [First Name], is an example of what a “true slave” has in terms of position in the world.

The fantasy of slavery is a little bit like women’s “rape fantasies” which are generally about rough sex with a strong, uncompromising man. Real rape , though, is nasty, brutal and vicious and we call it rape because it’s non-consensual sex. In the same way, slavery is also non-consensual, otherwise it’s not slavery and is something else — like, say a sexy game, maybe. If you are tempted to say “yes but, they both agree it’s true slavery” you are still wrong, because the legal compulsion is simply not there. In the same way you cannot kill someone even if they ask you to (assisted suicides in certain jurisdictions excepted), you cannot agree to be a slave. Any time you change your mind the law will back you up 100% if your playmate tries to stop you. It’s just a consensual game. Deal with it.

When I write things like this I know it always pisses some people off. I actually don’t care much about that because anyone reading my work who expects anything different from me on this topic is obviously not actually reading my work at all.

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