When He’s at the Point of No Return

by Sarah on May 14, 2011

So there you have him… exactly where you want him…

… he’s teetering on the edge, almost at that point of no return, and begging and pleading with you to let him cum…

So what do you do?

That’s what a lot of women want to know.

After all, it’s not easy to deny the man you love, especially if you’ve had bad experiences in the past of not giving man what he wants.

And let’s face it… no matter what he’s asked for at this point, when he’s begging to cum… he really does mean it.

So, here are some of your choices:

  1. Let him cum. Is this the “right” thing? Well, there is no “right” thing. There is only what’s right for you and your partner, and the “rightness” of it depends on many things — none of which have anything to do with anyone but you two. In other words, don’t ask me for anyone else to give you the One True Answer

    What I can tell you is very often, he won’t thank you for it later. Often he’ll tell you he wants you to be stricter and firmer. That’s men for you, I’m afraid.

    The exception to this is perhaps when you give him an orgasm he was expecting.The point is, you’ll both enjoy it more if you stick to the “rules” you’ve both agreed to (but even then there are nuances and subtleties to bear in mind).

  2. Go on for a few seconds longer… then stop and give him a ruined orgasm. This is wonderful, because even though it’s an orgasm of sorts… he really doesn’t get anything from it except an even bigger sense of frustration and even loss. He gets all the downside of an orgasm with none of the upside.Those of you who are seeking to cheap phentermine “punish” your men and really aren’t into the femdom stuff would perhaps do well to consider this as a punishment. Or perhaps a better way of phrasing it is to say it’s a good way of demonstrating the gift you’re giving him by playing chastity with him, lest he forget
  3. Give the base of his penis a good hard squeeze (almost a pinch).  Although not foolproof, this can often stop an impending orgasm dead in its tracks.Some women have told me a hard flick to the head of the penis can do the same thing, but I confess that’s not something I feel comfortable doing myself.


Chastity and orgasm denial resources – free

Girls — unless your man is an utter pig, he is NOT going to blow his top or get angry at you for this. This is what he wants, no matter how odd and counterintuitive it seems to you.

You don’t have to understand it — nor does he, either.

All that matters is… you both enjoy it.

Key to is all is open, honest and clear communication, something I cover in great detail in my and in Be Careful What You Wish For yet something so many men try to short-cut.

I cannot say there IS no shortcut — but I can say I don’t know of any, and everyone I know who’s tried one has usually found themselves lost, in a dead-end, up a blind alley and considerably further away from their dream of male chastity than they were when they started.

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