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While We Were Out Walking...

by Sarah on April 11, 2011

We went out for a walk yesterday.

We normally do it a lot, but just recently work and the weather have conspired to keep us indoors — just when it seemed like a good time to get out, the heavens would open and that would be that.

But yesterday we managed it (walking, like cycling in John’s Lori #2 is no problem, just for everyone who keeps asking).

And something struck my eye: all the litter. I hate litter. It’s disgusting, dirty, and so damned unnecessary.

I was always brought up never, ever to drop it and my own daughters have been brought up the same way. They’d no more drop litter than poke themselves in the eye with a knitting needle.

Anyway, it occurred to me it’s very much this way on the ‘net, too. People become so familiar with it, the contempt clicks in and before you know it you’re wading through all the inane, thoughtless and anonymous crap people see fit just to drop the moment they have a yen to.

Took me right back to when I was first trying to figure out my way through the male chastity jungle and sort the wheat from the chaff.

And it’s not always easy because when everyone is saying the same thing and everything they say seems to be nonsense, unreal and downright fanciful, what you originally took to be litter and garbage can start to look like the “real thing”.

Thankfully, it’s not.

And we can take to heart some wise words of the late Earl Nightingale (one of John’s heroes, and lately one of mine, too), who said, “when you’re stuck for what to do in a given situation… look around and see what everyone else is doing… and then do the opposite

And that’s how I approached male chastity right from the beginning — bugger what the forums, blogs and pretentious and reality-challenged say about men, women, domination and the rest of it.

Do it your own way. Do what’s right for you and your partner. I get a lot of email asking, in effect, “we like… and is this OK?”.

And the answer can only be YES. If you both like it, and you both agree, and everyone involved has given their informed and uncoerced consent… how can it be anything less than OK?

Which is the whole point of Be Careful What You Wish For, of course — a complete, step-by-step guide to making male chastity a reality for you and your beloved in a way that suits YOU.

Something to think about.

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