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Wrestling With Pigs

by Sarah on January 13, 2015

I should know better – correction… I DO know better. But sometimes my eternal optimism leads me to ignore my experience and instincts and do things which are downright silly allweednews.com testtest.

And wrestling with pigs is one of them.

You’ve heard the phrase, haven’t you? You know, the one that says, “Never wrestle with a pig – you both get covered in mud and the pig enjoys it”.

Well, this particular bit of pig-wrestling was over a forum ostensibly created for “discussion” about male chastity and other associated kinks, but seems in practice to be more a place where you’re expected to touch your forelock and agree with whichever loud-mouthed and hysterical harpy screams the loudest (clue: she’ll usually be describing herself – sorry, Herself – as “Goddess” or “Mistress” something or other).

Yes, some, perhaps most, realise it’s just a bit of fun.

But some, and these are the ones I was talking about, really do believe female superiority is a “fact”. And they don’t like their idiocy being exposed for being… well… idiotic.

Here’s a typical comment from one of them:

Hum…’Sa{har}rah”- Dry, dusty, harsh, desolate place where very few care to go. Hum..?? imagine that..”

Way to go! If you can’t discredit someone’s arguments, insult them instead! That’s about the level of smarts we’re dealing with here. She/he/it can’t even spell it right. Sheesh.

A couple of people sent me private messages calling me the “voice of reason” and other nice things, although it’s a shame they feel they can’t do it openly. It just goes to show the kind of environment these “superior women” create.

Still, more fool me for wasting my time. I hoped for rational discussion, and I got what I deserved for my stupidity. I am indeed thoroughly covered in mud.

But the point of all this is you can almost never change people’s minds by arguing with them, or presenting them with facts. They’re entrenched in their beliefs and ways of doing things, and logic won’t sway them unless and until they sit down and think things through for themselves.

And it’s the same when you’re trying to “convince” your wife or girlfriend (or husband or boyfriend) to “try” male chastity. The most common approach is to sit them down and reel of a list of benefits.

But take a step back and think about this: you’re proposing something very new, perhaps very kinky (in their eyes), and something they may well feel is going to mean BIG changes in your entire relationship.

What’s worse, is they’ll go to what’s become the Font of All Knowledge these days – Google – type in “male chastity” and start reading.

Unfortunately they’ll then come across Forums and Blogs which will, as likely as not, scare them off because they’re extreme, inaccurate and uninterested in what’s true and not true.

In any event, hype and fantasy aside, facts and information won’t help – to be convinced, they need to convince THEMSELVES, and to do that, they’ve got to experience it and feel it happening.

So, show them, don’t just tell them. Take it slowly and carefully and realise it’s not like poking your eye out or losing a limb – if you get something wrong, it’s not important unless you get into a tizzy and make it important.

The main thing is to start gently, with small baby-steps.

She will generally come round to the idea rapidly, once she starts experiencing the benefits for herself. In fact, it’s typically the case that women grow into the idea and the practice more quickly and more comprehensively than their men would perhaps like.

But that’s another story for another day.

In His Chastity,

Sarah xxx

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