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Your Top 7 Male Chastity Questions Answered (plus a picture of Sarah)

by Sarah on April 27, 2011

As you can imagine, I get a lot of emails about male chastity.

I mean… loads.

I don’t mind them at all, although please don’t be offended if I don’t reply to them personally — I simply don’t have time, and, to be honest, most of them I’ve answered on the blog, in the free guide, or in Be Careful What You Wish For.

But that said…

Here's a summary of the most common chastity questions I get

Q: Is male chastity harmful?

Not so far as I know. I know of no reliable evidence showing there being any long term harm in either orgasm denial or wearing a properly fitting chastity device. But I am not a doctor and you do these things entirely at your own risk.

Q: Can we see a picture of you?



Sarah, Your Dream Chastity Keyholder

Well, OK,then.

On the right.

Do you still want me to lock you and hold your key, boys?

But, seriously… I don’t understand this seeming obsession with some people.

Showing my picture won’t do anything to change anyone’s mind about anything just as Obama’s releasing his birth certificate hasn’t done anything to quell the Birthers.

I don’t put pictures of myself on this blog. That’s it. I don’t have to justify or explain myself to anyone.

Q: I have a CBXXXX but I'm having trouble with the fit. What can I do?

Well, lube is a good idea on the sore parts, but other than that it’s  usually just a matter of trial and error.

I’m really not an expert on these devices and when we tried the CB3000 it didn’t work out for us. So my best advice would be to save up for a better chastity device.I know they’re not cheap, but is cheap what you really want?

If you want chastity badly enough then it’s worth paying for something that’s going to be as secure,  comfortable and effective as possible. The most expensive chastity device you’ll ever buy is the one you don’t use.

Or if you insist on using the CBXXXX, ask on the chastity forums or here in the comments on the blog.

Q: Is John's Lori secure?

Yes, as secure as a chastity device can ever be without a piercing. He says he could escape from it with sufficient lube and motivation, but he thinks he’d still suffer injury.

The wider point is, though, no device is completely secure.

Any chastity device or belt — and I do mean any device or belt, from the cheapest CB3000 knock-off to the most expensive custom-fit Latowski — is and can never be anything more than a deterrent.

The only thing in question is the level of deterrence.

I do wish people would get their heads around all this. There. Is. No. Such. Thing. As. An Inescapable. Chastity. Device.

Anyone claiming otherwise is a fuckwit or a liar.

Q: What have you got against cuckolding?

Nothing. As I said above, what other people do is none of my business. I have no opinion on cuckolding at all except that it’s not something I personally want to do.

If you want to do it, fine. Just be aware of the risks, and don’t swallow the B.S. you read on the forums about how all men want it, all women have it within them to do it, and how it’s harmless.

It can be very harmful. It can wreck marriages. It can be fatal.

My pointing this out no more makes me anti-cuckolding than pointing out the dangers of crossing the street without looking makes me anti-road.

Q: How do I stop people finding out I'm in chastity? I don't want to be "outed".

I don’t really know. I don’t see how you can, even.

But why do you even care?

It’s no one’s business but yours and your partner’s what you get up to under your clothes.

People who worry about what other people are doing with and to each other in consensual relationships have too much time on their hands and too little going on in their lives to fill it.

Q: Surely there's some element of femdom in your relationship?


My “control” of John is limited to his orgasm only. Your inability to comprehend that really is not my problem.

Male chastity with us is a kinky and consensual sex game we play out over time and not some big power exchange thing.

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