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CB3000 Male Chastity Device - Our Experiences

by Sarah on May 3, 2010

The CB3000 — A few people have asked in the past week about this male chastity device and why John and I didn’t have much luck with it.

I must admit, the questions surprised me at first, but then I realised I’m actually getting quite a lot of new readers hitting the Blog and, obviously when I think about it, many of them are new to the kink and are looking at buying their first device. The CB3000 is, for most, the natural first choice.

cb3000 chastity device

Fig 1: John’s Ill-Fated CB3000 Chastity Device

So rather than answer them all individually I thought I’d give you my definitive answer here (note, I’m not saying the definitive answer; just my definitive answer… or more properly John’s definitive answer by proxy, since he steadfastly refuses to post here himself.

Let me begin by saying I believe the CB6000 has now superseded the CB3000 and is now considered by many to be the standard entry-level male chastity device. You can see John’s old CB3000 in Fig 1.

How true that is, I don’t know, although I am aware the CB6000 fixes many of the issues we had. I don’t know. If you’re that desperate to find out, visit Tom Allen’s Edge of Vanilla blog.

Actually, just to back up a bit and slip something else in before we begin, my review and experiences here are purely subjective – others have had great success. We simply didn’t. Some of it was down to the design of the CB3000 and how it interacted with John’s anatomy; and some of it was just down to John’s particular reactions to it.

So I can’t say whether you’ll love it or you won’t.

You’ll simply have to give it a go.

Or not.

So, the problems.

First, we found…

Getting the CB3000 on is a whole battle in itself

The CB3000 has two main components: the (hinged) testicle ring, and the penis tube. The cross-section of the CB3000’s ring is round (so it’s like a doughnut), but at the top where it comes together it’s flattened and has three holes in it, running parallel to the axis. These holes are used to lock the penis tube in place, giving you in the CB3000 a reasonably secure male chastity device.

To put the CB3000 on, you close the ring behind the testicles, slide your penis into the tube, line up the alignment posts on the base of the tube with the holes in the top of the ring, slide them together, push the locking post through, and lock it all together.

You’ve also got some spacers that go in between the ring and the penis tube – they slide over the locking post. The idea is to have the gap as small as you can without it being uncomfortable. Trial and error, with the CB3000, I’m afraid, as with any male chastity device.

In a nutshell, that’s it (forgive the pun).

The CB3000 is not complicated, but it is a bit fiddly and takes some getting used to.

This, however, wasn’t our problem. No, the problem John had was with all the hinges, spacers and bits of the CB3000 coming together here and there, he got a lot of skin pinching. Apparently it hurts a lot. Not only that, but the same bits and pieces that pinch the skin also like to trap pubic hairs. That hurts even more, and after a while hair-pulling makes the whole area feel sore.

But you could argue since a male chastity device is meant to go on and stay on, this isn’t necessarily a big problem.

Your call.

Once on the CB3000 was comfortable and didn’t restrict John’s movements or activities at all. Good news, we thought.

But after several hours the second problem with the CB3000 made itself known: the hinge at the bottom of the CB3000’s ring was irritating John’s scrotum to a point where it was agonising. We tried many different lubricants, and “breaking in” strategies but nothing made the slightest bit of difference: the CB3000  always ended up being unbearably painful. Not an ideal characteristic of a male chastity device.

There was a similar irritation on the top of John’s scrotum, where the penis tube presses down against the testicles. We found we could ease this a little, but still never entirely to our satisfaction.

A third problem we had with the CB3000 manifested itself when John got a hard on. Let me explain. The penis-tube has vents in it. When he got an erection, his penis would bulge through. Not a problem in and of itself, and in fact, it proved amusing to tease the skin gently with my nails. But he found on a couple of occasions that the brass lock caught the skin at odd times and actually lacerated his foreskin.

As if all that wasn’t enough, there was a fourth problem with the CB3000 which even if the first three had magically gone away, meant that as a male chastity device it was about as much use as a chocolate teapot. Because John was able to masturbate to orgasm while wearing it. There was enough movement in the tube, enough friction against his penis, and enough desire in his loins to make it all actually very easy.

We played around with it for a while but we never managed to overcome any of the problems with the CB3000 to our satisfaction.

Now, please don’t put words or anything else in my mouth and construe any of this as being my advice not to buy a CB3000 or any other type of male chastity device. I can relate only our own experiences, and, as I’ve mentioned above, some people find this type of device to be comfortable, convenient and effective.

All I can say is suck it and see.

Of course, the wider implication of all this is there’s no such thing as the perfect device. As Tom wrote a week or so ago, forming any truly objective measure of belts and devices is hard, probably impossible. Not only are we all different, but we want different things from the lifestyle.

John wants something ultra-secure and comfortable, so he can wear it indefinitely if that’s what I choose for him. He doesn’t want penis-torture,  any kind of pain or discomfort over and above the feeling of not being able to orgasm. The CB3000 isn’t the one for that.

So really the only advice I can give is to decide what you want from your CB3000 male chastity device in terms of the function and lifestyle before you even think about what that device might be. Most people, including us, make the mistake of looking at the devices first and then fitting the kink around them. In retrospect, given what John wants…

I suspect the CB3000 would never have been suitable even if it hadn’t given us the problems I’ve outlined

As I keep saying (and will keep on saying because I think it’s important)… male chastity is a process, not an event, something you share with someone, not do to them. Alas, the CB3000 isn’t going to be involved in that process with us.

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